Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park of Andaman Islands

People traveling to the Andaman islands can add the prodigious Mahatma Gandhi marine national park to their itineraries to experience the marvelous marine life on the island. The MGM national park is one of the center spots for tourists coming all the way to the Andaman Islands. The park is located about 29 Km west of Port Blair, expanding over an area of 281.5 sq km, offering spectacular marine views and an unparalleled underwater experience.

Here are some of the touristy things to do in the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park Andaman islands:

  1. The MGM national park offers a remarkable experience of the open sea, creeks, and 15 small and large islands where tourists can submerge themselves in the following activities: rare corals sightings, underwater marine life sightings via glass-bottom boats, scuba diving experience, and snorkeling. 
  2. People can opt for guided tours of the MGM national park from the private ferry operators. 
  3. Get yourself a conducted tour booking of the MGM national park so that you are able to spend 2 to 3 hours at the Jolly Buoy Island or Red Skin Island. Pro tip: make sure you carry a packed lunch and water with you to the Islands. 
  4. Experience the wide variety of sea turtles and corals as the park was established with the aim of protecting the spectacular marine life at Andaman islands.

There are over 560 coral species located on the island and tourists can enjoy a sublime experience of getting closer to the marine life and nature. 


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