Radhanagar Beach Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Know about the Radhanagar beach Andaman Nicobar island

Radhanagar is one of the famous beaches that is ranked seven all over Asia. It is on Havelock island and is considered the most visited beach on Andaman Nicobar island. You can enjoy your vacation and explore various other islands and sites for the best travel experience. Therefore, you can read the below information about all the famous places near the Radha Nagar beach.

Elephant beach:

It is one of the lively beaches for swimming and bathing to relax your body. You can also do boating, that is the famous activity on this beach.

Kala Patthar beach:

It is also on the Havelock island, named after the black road that runs parallel to the seashore. This tranquil beach offers clear aqua water and a stretch of white sand.

Vijay Nagar beach:

It is one of the famous white sand beaches where one can relax properly under the palm trees. You can have a great time by strolling the beach or enjoying the cool breeze.

Govind Nagar beach:

Another stunning beach where you can reach through the local boat. If you are holidaying in the Andaman, you can explore the scenic beauty of this place. It is one of the popular tourist places these days.

Mangrove forests:

Besides the stunning beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and dense forests, Radha Nagar is also known for its mangrove forests. They are grown in the muddy and shallow salt water at the edge of the sea. It is one of the attractions of radhangar beach Andaman Nicobar islands for travel.

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