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Thai Airways is one of the best airlines because of its onboard and airport services. The services are provided by the Thai Airways customer service team. This team is a group of several certified members that have full knowledge regarding the issues of Thai Airways. Passengers boarding this airline are satisfied by the onboard services. This is why they want to plan their next journey with this particular airline.

But some buzz is that Thai Airways has stopped its services due to COVID 19.  So, if you are looking for the answer to the question Is Thai Airways still flying, then here you will get the proper elucidation. Moreover, you can connect with the Thai Airways customer service team for any sort of issue regarding this airline. You will definitely get a satisfactory answer to your query.

Moreover, you will get the answer to Is Thai Airways safe to fly in this specific blog. Just read this blog till last and acquire the information regarding Thai Airways. Also, do not forget to get in touch with the Thai Airways customer service team for any sort of query and issue. Now, let’s proceed to this blog by understanding Thai Airways.

Is Thai Airways still in service?

Are you looking for the answer to Is Thai Airways still flying? If yes, then continue reading this blog.

  • The pandemic outbreak affected the airlines as well. Most of the people around the world were not able to travel at that time and stuck in some places. This affected people as well as airlines. Some airlines stopped their services after things get better while some resume their work. So, there is a buzz regarding Thai Airways as well that it has stopped working.
  • But no, Thai Airways is still in flying and traveling with thousands of passengers daily. You can also book your ticket at Thai Airways and enjoy your journey. Here are the simple steps to book your seat at Thai Airways. Check them out.
  • The very first step is to go to the official web portal of Thai Airways.
  • In the middle of the home page of Thai Airways, you will see some blank boxes.
  • Fill in your journey credentials like your travel and return date, place, number of passengers, number of children, and booking class.
  • Now, tap on the option of “Search”.
  • You will see several Thai Airways flights to your destination.
  • Select one flight according to your convenience and write your personal details.
  • Make payment and start preparing for your journey.

So, I hope you will get the answer to your question Is Thai Airways are flying now. Now take a look at some updated policies of Thai Airways.

Know the updated policy of Thai Airways

There was a time when not a single airline was in operation. We cannot forget the time of the COVID 19 outbreak. It has affected people in several ways. Some people have flight tickets during that time while some people were on vacation mode. So, if you have also booked your ticket before the pandemic and were about to travel in that pandemic, then here is a solution suggested by Thai Airways. Also, get the answer of Is Thai Airways still flying 2021? for your convenience.

  • All the passengers can keep their tickets to rebook or extend the validity of their Thai Airways ticket.
  • They can exchange their flight ticket in case the Thai Airways flight gets canceled.
  • Passengers can apply for a refund if the Thai Airways flight gets canceled.
  • Passengers can also convert a refund request where they can book another Thai Airways ticket in place of asking for a refund.
  • Know the terms and conditions for travelers of Thai Airways
  • Given below are the terms and conditions for the passengers of Thai Airways. You can look for these conditions and get an idea about Is Thai Airways still flying. Check them out.
  • The time to book a seat at Thai Airways is a maximum of 11 months and a minimum of 72 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • You can book a maximum of 9 passengers at a time.
  • Once you do the proper payment, then only you will get the flight number and ticket number that will send to you at your provided email address.
  • You cannot transfer your electronic ticket to Thai Airways.

So, these are some information regarding Is Thai Airways still operating? You can contact the Thai Airways customer service team for some additional information. 

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