A Guide to pre book seats with KLM Airlines

Is it possible to pre book seats with KLM Airlines, and if so, what is the procedure and cost?

Are you looking for information about whether you can pre-book a seat on a flight you have booked with KLM Airlines? If that's the case, you can find the information you need on this page, including information about KLM's advance seat booking and other important details related to it. KLM seat selection can be done in advance using a variety of options with the help of a simple procedure. Furthermore, KLM charges for pre-booking seats based on various conditions. More detailed information about the process for pre-booking seats on your flight, as well as cost of pre book seats with KLM, can be found below.

Can you pre book seats with KLM Airlines?

Yes, if you wanted to know; Can you pre book your seats with KLM Airlines? You could, KLM Airlines provides passengers with the option of pre-booking their seats so that they can choose their favoured preferences rather than being randomly assigned a seat. As you know that pre booking your seats on KLM flight is available through different options, which are as listed below.

  • Advance seat selection via manage booking
  • Advance seat selection during online check-in
  • Advance seat selection at the airport

What is the procedure for pre booking seats on KLM?

If you want to make a KLM seat selection in advance, you can learn how to do so here. Passengers can pre-book seats on KLM Airlines' official website under the Manage Booking tab, or at the time of online check-in. If you are willing to know that how can you pre book seats with KLM, kindly learn the procedure from below.

Steps to pre book seats via Manage booking

  • First and foremost, you must open a browser and go to the KLM website
  • Then, on the home page, navigate to the Manage Booking tab and open it
  • Next, fill in the passenger's first and last name in the designated box
  • Then, enter your flight booking code in the field allocated for it
  • After that, hit Find My Trip button for checking the seats availability
  • Thereafter, you can choose a flight to pre-book your seat and view the seat assignment for that flight
  • Finally, you can pick a favourite seat and pre book for yourself by paying the applicable charges

Steps to pre book seats with KLM during online check-in

  • Open the KLM Airlines website in your browser or access the mobile app
  • Then look for the online check-in option on home page and select it
  • After that, you need providing your flight details in order to proceed to the check-in
  • You must enter both your flight confirmation code and the passenger's last name
  • After that, you must pick a flight for online check-in and see the seating arrangement
  • Finally, you can choose a flight seat for pre-booking, then complete the online check-in process and pay the applicable fee

How much does it charge to pre book a seat with KLM?

  • Now that you understand how can you pre book KLM seats, it is time for you to understand that how much cost you have to pay for it. As being something worthwhile the passenger who is taking advantage of the offer of pre-booking seats on a KLM flight must be charged. You can know more precisely about the KLM pre book seats cost by reading the information given in the points mentioned below.
  • Economy class passengers on KLM Airline are charged US $21 for pre-booking seats on a flight with them.
  • KLM Airlines, on the other hand, waives the US$21 per passenger charge for Flying Blue cardholders with either a silver tier or another higher status.
  • In addition, KLM Airlines passengers who buy the most costly Full Flex economy fare are also excluded from paying any fees for pre booking their seats on a flight with them.

Get assistance to pre book KLM seat:

All the necessary information about can you pre book KLM seats or not, and if you can, what is the procedure and cost applied by the airlines is explained above. If you need any additional information about pre book seats on KLM flight Airlines, you can contact their customer service department. You can also get assistance from KLM Airlines' customer support team if you have any other questions or need more information.

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