How can I cancel my flight with Wizz Air?

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If you are concerned regarding the varied options available for canceling your flight at Wizz air, then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper we are about to share certain details related to cancellations. To begin let us first have a look at the options available to cancel your flight at Wizz air. So without any further ado, let u get straight into this.

Know how to cancel my flight with Wizz air when needed

You can definitely cancel your flight reserved with Wizz air. The cancellation steps are easy to perform and passengers must make sure that they have read the inclusions of the cancellation policy thoroughly before going forward with cancellations at Wizz air. There are multiple options available to cancel your flight at Wizz air. All the refundable flights that are cancelled by passengers will be eligible for refunds on the other hand, travellers could opt for a Future Travel credits that can be utilised for an upcoming travel with Wizz air. The validity period of Future Travel credit is one year from the date of issue. The upcoming excerpt is surely going to provide a correct understanding of what suits best when it comes to cancellations at Wizz Air. 

In order to make cancellations at Wizz Air, passengers may stick to the following options that are listed down under: 

Cancellation options

  • One on one cancellation at the airport.
  • Over the call cancellations.
  • Online cancellations using the official website of Wizz Air.

Online cancellation process

If you would like to proceed with the cancellations, then it is highly recommended to utilise the online means for cancelling your flight at Wizz Air.

It is not only a convenient option but there are no hidden changes or additional charges that are levied on passengers who opt for cancellations for Wizz Air flights.

Can I cancel my flight at Wizz air? If this is what is bothering you then follow the step by step guide mentioned down under for cancelling your Wizz Air flight online.

  • First and foremost, travellers are required to visit the official website of Wizz air. Once you are on the homepage, you are required to select the ‘My Trip’ option to proceed with cancellations at Wizz Air.
  • Select the ‘Manage my booking’ option and then you need to provide details regarding your reservation id to get access to your reservation made with Wizz air. 
  • Start by entering the reservation/booking ID that you received, followed by your last name. Hit the continue option and you will be taken to yet another page here you will be able to spot the reservations made by you at Wizz air. 
  • Here, you are supposed to select the reservation that you wish to cancel and then hit the ‘Cancel Flight’ option that is present at the top right corner on the page.
  • Proceed with the payment (if applicable) and you are good to go.

Upon successful cancellation, you will get notified from the airline on your registered email address or phone number. Keep the cancellation ID reference number for future purposes.

I hope this excerpt has duly answered Can I cancel my flight at Wizz air? Let us now consider why it is advised and essential to go for online cancellations at Wizz Air.

Importance of online cancellation

Online cancellations are much preferred by passengers from across the globe owing to a number of reasons that we are going to cover in this excerpt. Below-mentioned are the reasons responsible for selecting online cancellations over other counterparts.

  • First and foremost, the ease and the convenience factor is what makes online cancellations a much sought after option among passengers.
  • Also, there are no hidden costs or extra charges associated with online cancellations; hence passengers are able to cancel their flight without falling into complications.
  • Online cancellations are smooth and easy to perform. Also it is one of the fastest ways to cancel your flight at Wizz Air.

Cancellation issues resolved online

If you happen to face any complications while making online cancellations, then you can easily seek help or assistance from the team of experts at Wizz air through reaching them on the helpline number provided on the official website of Wizz air.  The customer service and support representatives are present round the clock to help individuals with refunds and cancellations at Wizz Air.

You could also connect with the customer service reps at Wizz air using either the email option or the assistive live chat option. Both the options are readily available on the official ‘Contact Us’ page on Wizz Air web page. They will help answering Can I cancel my flight at Wizz Air?

Other important points to keep in mind:

Passengers are highly recommended to go through the cancellation and refund policy before going all in for cancellations at Wizz air. Having knowledge regarding the inclusions of cancellation policy is surely going to further provide a closure as far as Can I cancel my Flight with Wizz air is concerned. You may refer to the official website of Wizz air in order to get details regarding cancellation policy, it is easy to comprehend. Let us have a look at the cancellation policy offered by Wizz air.

  • As per the cancellation policy offered by Wizz air, passengers may resort to 24 hours cancellation to get a waiver on the additional cancellation charges that are otherwise levied on passengers when they make cancellation of their flight with Wizz Air.
  • The cancellation fee that is charged by Wizz air ranges somewhere around 60 euros per person. The cancellation charge depends on whether you have canceled a domestic or an international flight.
  • Also cancellations are super easy with Wizz air. You have online cancellations available along with at the airport and over the call cancellations. You coil select any as per your choice.

Also going through the inclusions of the Wizz air cancellation policy issued by Wizz air comes quite handy while opting for cancellation with Wizz air because refund is the next step after cancellation of your Wizz air flight.

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