How do I book Korean Air

Learn how to apply for Korean Air booking?

Korean Airline, Largest airline of South Korea which is headquartered in Seoul. The airline has its own eminence in giving the best services to valuable customers. Due to its high-standard services, Customer-friendly operations and various offers the airline is becoming an attraction for the customers. Despite of the large scale operations and well-managed services customers face various doubts of Korean Air booking. One of the most common doubts is related to the booking procedure. Let us see the booking process of Korean airlines with detailed instructions with a main focus on How do I book Korean Air:

Steps for how do I book Korean Air flight online?

1. Go to the official website of the Korean Airline. Ensure that you are going to the official website of the airline to get accurate information.
2. After getting to the homage of the Korean airlines you will see the Booking API in which you will have to select the type of trip. As we know that there are various types of categories for finalizing the ticket booking.
3. In this step fill the departure & arrival cities for your flights on the Korean airways. Fill up the details carefully because it is the most important part of the journey.
4. After completion of the third step, fill the dates of journey and return back to select the number of passengers for the trip.
5. Now you can choose the class of the flight. There are various types of classes in International flights select according to your preference & budget.
6. After completing the fifth step select the payment mode in case if you have any promotion codes then fill the details and tap.
7. According to the details given by you in the sixth step you will see the option of flights. Now you have to select according to your choice and click it.
8. In this site you have to fill in the passenger details and other required contact information. Ensure that the information is correctly filled.
9. You will see the payment confirmation steps in which you have to complete the payment.
10. Finally at the moment when the payment is completed you will get your booking reference ID and a confirmation email. Check it properly.
11. After following thee detailed guidelines you find the answer of how do I book Korean Air?

How do I book Korean air with points?

In the process of Korean Air booking by points all the procedures will remain similar as of the normal booking but at the time of payment booking is performed by using points.

Let us see the detailed procedure of Korean air flight booking by points:

1. Go to the official website which is
2. After going to the booking page of the official website select your type of trip.
3. In the third step fill up your departure & arrival cities of the journey.
4. After completion of the third step chooses the dates of journey generally it means the date of departure & date of arrival. After selecting these pick up the number of passengers who will travel in this trip
5. In the fourth you will have to opt for the class of your flight as we know that there are different types of classes in flight select according to your budget & preference.
6. In this step you have to select that you are performing Korean air booking through points rather than giving payment.
7. As per the details given by you in the above process a range of flights will come in front of you and now you can choose the flight according to your preference..
8. In this step you will have to give the passenger information like name of the passenger and much more. Ensure that all the information given by you is accurate as it is essential to move ahead in the booking procedure.
9. After completing the eighth set now you can book your flight by using the points in place of the payment.
10. The moment at which the booking is completed. Booking reference ID & confirmation email will be generated.
11. Finally your booking your Korean Air with points gets completed.

How do I book Korean Air award Ticket?

Customers face two major questions while booking the Korean Airlines one is How do I book Korean Air & other is What is Korean Air award ticket booking. As we know that travelling through the business class of Korean airline is so costly and it is not for the customers with low budget. So, customers can look the procedure of booking the Korean airline flights by using award. It is important to note that in booking the flights with awards they will get all the facilities of the business class. The process is little different from normal Korean Air booking.

1. Firstly, go to the official website of Korean airlines.
2. After getting to the official website select the option of redeem miles.
3. Sign with your ID & username or the Skypass number.
4. After completing the third step of the process select your departure and destination region.
5. Select the dates of your journey.
6. Choose the prestige class.
7. Now you can choose your fights.
8. Finally tap on continue after entering all the required information.
9. It is important to consider that Korean airline will not allow you to put on award booking on hold while transferring the ultimate rewards to Korean air Skypass account. An important of the Korean airline Skypass program is that they don’t allow to book rewards for anyone who is not a direct family member.

What is the procedure of Korean Air group booking?

Group bookings are very popular these days; people have more fun when travelling in a group. Seeing the demand for group booking these days, most airlines provide group booking; it's always cheaper than an individual. Korean airline is one of those. If you are looking for Koran Air group booking you can go through the information below.
If you are a group of less than 9 or less, you can follow the steps below to complete your booking.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Clicks on Book flights
Step 3: Enter your location details in the fields "from" and "to"
Step 4:  Select your boarding dates from the link given
Step 5: Now, enter passengers details, select the class you want to choose
Step 6: Now if you are flexible with dates you can mark right on the "flexible date" field. Now click on "search flight".
Step 7: chooses the flight you want to travel, confirm your booking.

You can also complete your Korean air booking, also group bookings are not available for automated check-in, you must do it online or you can check-in kiosk at airport.If you are more than a group of 9 you can also confirm Koran Air group booking by speaking to a customer care representative. You can dial toll-free numbers of Korean air and following their IVR instruction you can connect with a live agent. You can ask for group booking and get it done by the same time. You may also require filling group booking. It depends on the type of group. The advantage of Korean air booking via customer service is, you can also avail applicable offers at the same time.

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