How do I cancel my flight ticket with Thai Airways?

What is Thai Airways Cancellation Policy?

Any unplanned situation can arise at any point of time which will force you to avoid and change your plans. 2020 has taught us that anything can happen in just a matter of minutes. Unforeseen events like bad health or death of someone close to you will require you to be with your family. If you have finally decided to travel for vacation or work with the Thai Airways any such situation arises then before cancelling your ticket you should read and go through the Thai Airways Cancellation policy which will save your time and money as well. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it then you will receive the full amount as a refund. So one should read all the terms and conditions at the time of booking instead of ignoring them, as you don't know what tomorrow may bring with it. And instead of blindly cancelling your ticket you should know about the Thai Airways cancellation policy which will save at least some part of your amount.

Below mentioned are the Thai Airways cancellation policies -

  • If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking it then you are eligible for full refund, you won't have to pay any extra fee for cancelling. 
  • If you cancel your flight after 24 hours, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The cancelation fee depends on the destination of travel, type of travel, etc.
  • The Thai Airways cancellation policy allows you to refund from even cancelling non- refundable flights, only if a passenger cancels the flight within 24 of booking it 
  • You can visit the official website and then the Manage booking portal for checking the status of your refund 

Your refund will be initiated into your original account from which you paid while booking the ticket within 2-3 business days if you cancelled the ticket within 24 hour of booking it. However if you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of booking it then your refund will be initiated within 5-6 days. 

You will have to pay from $200 to $250 as a cancellation fare if you cancel your ticket after 24 hours of booking it. Thai Airways Cancellation policy demands $100 from full flex fare and Royal silk plus member as a cancelation fee. 

How to cancel my flight with Thai Airways

You can cancel your flight tickets simply by visiting the official website of the Thai Airlines where you can verify your details and make changes as well as cancel it. You can also reschedule your flight by changing the date of travel in-case of any emergency. However, you will have to provide a valid reason for cancelling your flight which might make you eligible for a refund of non- refundable flight as well. You will receive a verification mail on your relevant email. You can also contact the Airline Customer support for resolving your issue. Other than that live chat via apps and email options are also available for travel related assistance. One should consider calling the customer support as it provides instant support. If you cancel your tickets 2 week prior to the departure date then you can save much more than cancelling the ticket at the last moment. If you are looking for answers regarding how to cancel my flight with Thai Airways then you should consider these steps in order to save your money. Don't forget to keep a notepad in front of you with all the details regarding your booking while contacting the customer support which you might have to tell the airline customer executive to verify your booking details. 

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