How do I complain to the SAS?

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There are times when things do not go according to the plans we have thought of. Subsequently, they go haywire. It is because, in such scenarios, it is imperative to make a complaint to SAS airlines.

If you are contemplating how do I complain to the SAS, please feel free to do so. In this write-up, you understand the procedure of complaining to SAS airlines and other related topics. Kindly follow the process mentioned below.

What are the Complaining Options and the Process

You can make a complaint to SAS in the following ways

Via Phone Support:

  1. Go to the official website of SAS from a web browser on a device that supports the Internet.
  2. Then navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the contact us tab.
  3. Subsequently, you land on the customer service section page of SAS.
  4. There you can select the phone support option and make a complaint to a representative from SAS.
  5. The representative then makes a note of your complaint and provides you with a docket number in other words it is the complaint number which can be quoted for future reference.

Via Live Chat:

  1. There is an option of making complaints to SAS through Live Chat as well.
  2. What you have to do is go to the official website of SAS.
  3. Locate the customer service tab and click on it.
  4. You get different ways to connect to SAS, and there you can select the Live Chat option.
  5. A pop-up window opens as soon as you click on the option.
  6. There you get connected to a Live Chat agent and can complain to the agent regarding SAS.

Importance of Online Complaints:

If you are thinking how do I complain to the SAS, then it is quite pertinent to understand the importance of making complaints online. The very purpose of having a complaint process is so that the passengers, guests or customers of SAS have a platform where they can voice out their opinion, either positive or negative; in this case, it talks about the negative feedback. This, in turn, helps the aggrieved passenger to get their complaints readdressed from the customer grievance redressal cell of the SAS.

  1. No one wants an altercation unnecessarily with SAS authorities. That is why there is a system of online complaints. This is where you can fill in a form available on the webpage of SAS and submit it.
  2. Make sure your complaint is genuine and does not uselessly implicate someone in the incident involved. After all, it is a matter of an entire career.
  3. If the complaint is genuine, please feel free to do so with proper evidence (if applicable) or documents.

Points you can consider while complaining to SAS

  1. Make sure the complaint is not fabricated or false.
  2. Explain the fact that the complaint which you are making has tormented you emotionally and financially. The incident has caused damage to your reputation as well.
  3. There has been a financial loss because of the incident, and you need compensation for it.
  4. Basically, it all depends on the type of complaint you are making. Every complaint varies from another.
  5. Therefore, if you are wondering how do I complain to the SAS, then please keep the above points in mind.

Other important Points to Consider:

Always file your complaint through the formal medium i,e, via the official website of SAS or by post. Yes, you can even post your complaint by mail at their office address.    

You can also submit your complaint through an email apart from Phone Support and Live Chat. In case you are contemplating on how do I complain to the SAS, then try to be precise and maintain brevity. An email is perhaps the most sought after medium because this allows you to elaborate on your problem.

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