How do I get a refund from Aeromexico ?

Learn How to get refund from Aeromexico after flight cancellation:

Aeromexico airlines; a renowned name in the aviation industry, is one of the best when it comes to services and facilities that are carved by the passengers when taking flight as a mode of transport.
If you have made reservations with the Aeromexico airlines and something important came up that cannot be ignored, in such cases, the passengers usually have to go for cancellations. You could easily ask for refunds after making successful cancellations with Aeromexico. Now there are instances where the travellers have had issues while opting for cancellations with airlines. However, at Aeromexico, the users are in for great facilities and ultra smooth cancellations. If you would like to cancel your flight reserved with Aeromexico airlines, then getting on to the website is the best thing to do.

If you would like to get details regarding cancellations and Aeromexico refund policy, then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper we are going to cover the aspects that are related with cancellations and refunds at Aeromexico airlines. So stay tuned, follow until the end and without any further ado, let us get straight into this.To begin, let us first acknowledge whether Aeromexico provides refunds or not.

Does Aeromexico give refunds?

Refunds at Aeromexico are possible and there are certain things that passengers could stick to in order to file for refunds at Aeromexico.
If you have made reservations for a refundable flight then the refunds are quite easy and smooth. The same is true for non-refundable flights, however you do not qualify for refunds if you are cancelling a non-refundable flight.

In case of non-refundable flights’ cancellations, the passenger gets to have a travel credit as a part of compensation, but he/she does not have the right to seek refunds against the cancelled non-refundable flight.

Also, one must keep in mind, while going for cancellation of non-refundable flights, that the travel credit thus issued is valid for a time period of one year from the date of issue. You could reserve travel using that amount within 1 year.

What is the Aeromexico Airlines refund policy?

As far as Aeromexico refund policy, is concerned, the inclusions of the policy are mentioned down under. This is also going to help with How do I get a refund from Aeromexico.

  • Refunds are issued at once for refundable flights reserved with Aeromexico airlines.
  • In case of non-refundable flights, the passenger can opt for future travel credit after successful cancellation of their reservation made with  AeroMeico.
  • Passengers have to wait for 7 working days (max) for the refund amount to reflect in their debit or credit card.

How do I get a refund from Aeromexico? Procedure

Multiple ways are available to get refunds at Aeromexico airlines. You could simply visit the website to file for a refund.  The passengers are required to first file for cancelation, and in order to do so, you have three distinct ways that are as follows:

  • Online cancellations
  • Over the call cancellations

If you connect with someone at Aeromexico for cancellations, then you have to pay certain additional charges that are levied along with the cancellation charges. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the passengers stick to online means for performing cancellation of the flight reserved with Aeromexico.

To request refund from Aeromexico, you are required to follow the step-by-step guide mentioned down under:

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico airlines, once you are on the homepage, you are thus required to select the ‘My Trip’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Manage my Booking’ tab and proceed further.
  • You will be taken to yet another page, where you will have to enter certain details in order to get access to the reservation made by you at Aeromexico.
  • Start by entering the reservation ID  that you got after making a reservation with Aeromexico. Also, enter your last name.
  • On another page, you will be able to spot the reservation made by you. Select the one you want to cancel.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Flight’ option and proceed with the payment (if applicable).
  • You will receive all the information regarding refunds and cancellation on your registered email address or phone number.

You could also opt for filing the Refund request form that is available on the website.  This is a great means to get refunds at Aeromexico.  There is another way to get yourself registered for refunds at Aeromexico which is getting in touch with the customer service team at Aeromexico. They will guide you through the entire process and will ensure that you get a refund against the cancellation made by you.

I hope this answers How do I get a refund from Aeromexico.

How long does it take to get a refund from Aeromexico?

  • Well, getting refunds totally depends on the type of the flight that you have cancelled with Aeromexico.
  • If you have opted for cancellation of a non-refundable flight at Aeromexico, then in that case you are not able to get a refund, rather you will be entitled for future travel credit that remains redeemable for a year.
  • If you are concerned regarding the refund timeline then as per the Aeromexico refund policy, the passengers will get their refunds at the earliest and it may take around 7 working days for the refund amount to reflect in your debit or credit card, whichever you used to pay for your reservation at Aeromexico.  So you have to wait for a while when going for refunds at Aeromexico.

I hope this clears any doubts that you may have as far as How long does it take to get a refund from Aeromexico, is concerned.

Get Assistance in order to request refund from Aeromexico

 You should be aware that for airlines different types of formalities that need to be completed in order to apply for a refund for an Aeromexico flight for different countries. You can contact Aeromexico's phone number and then apply to claim a refund by providing information to the airline's support team.

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