How do I get a refund from Japan Airlines?

One of the major Airlines in the world, Japan Airlines, gives customers many benefits. Suppose you have booked your flight on Japan Airlines, now you want to Cancel the booking due to you getting a meeting to attend. So in that situation, what will you do? You will want to know about the process of how you can get a refund from Japan Airlines.

Policies you should know to get the refund from Japan Airlines:

If you want to get a refund from Japan Airlines, certain criteria have been made to facilitate your refund or get the chance of your refund. These are called the Refund policies of Japan Airlines. Follow these points to know more about the Japan Airlines refund policies.

  1. If you book the ticket and cancel the booking within 24 hours, you should get a full refund from Japan Airlines. 
  2.  As per rules, if you cancel the booking after 24 hours, you might not get the full amount as some amount will be deducted from you as a cancellation fee. 
  3. If you cancel the ticket due to some serious medical reason that is non-avoidable, you can get the cancellation for free. 
  4. If the flight got canceled by Japan Airlines, you should claim and get a full refund. 
  5. Suppose you get sudden news of a flight cancellation, and you will get a full refund. 
  6. If, for some reason, such as bad climatic conditions or something, then the Japan Airlines Authority will cancel the flight itself and give you a full refund. 
  7. If an overnight flight gets canceled, you can get the accommodation until your next flight is scheduled. If that does not suit you, you can ask for a refund or compensation.

Follow the following processes for getting your refund from Japan Airlines: 

You must know about the process to get a refund. Unless you understand the process, it won’t help you get the refund. So what processes should you follow to get the refund? All are described below.

Get Refund from Japan Airlines via request:

  1. You can initiate the refund process by navigating the Manage booking section of Japan Airlines. You can get the refund via filling out the refund request form by the following steps: 
  2. At the very beginning, you will have to open the Japan Airlines official website on your browser. 
  3. After the homepage opens, you will see a section at the top area, where three options are available, including ‘Manage booking.’ 
  4. Now click on it, and you will get three options. That after that will have to select the ‘Manage Flight Booking’ option. 
  5. Enter all the details, such as booking no., First name, Last name, reference no. etc. 
  6. Then retrieve the booking. 
  7. Select the trip, round trip, or one way. 
  8. Now select cancel and refund.
  9. A refund request form will open, and you will have to fill it out. 
  10. After some time, you will get a refund.

Get your Japan Airline refund via calling Customer Service:

  1. You can also ask about the refund process by calling Japan airline refund phone number. You can get their number by following these steps.
  2. First, open your browser and go to the Japan Airlines official website. 
  3. Secondly, you have to go to the ‘Contact us section.
  4. Now select the Call options where you will find the refund number of Japan airline 1 (800) 525-3663.
  5. Directly Press 8 to talk to a customer service representative. 
  6. After calling, wait for 5-10 minutes until a customer care representative connects you.Ask him for the cancellation and refund. 

Asking for a refund from Japan Airlines at Airport:

In the airport, you can ask for a refund and cancellation at their help desk. Go to the airport and there ask for a refund and cancellation. They will assist you. Take all the documents such as a ticket, passport, identity card, etc. Tell me your reason for canceling, and the airport authority will cancel your ticket. After that, you will get a full refund.

How long will it take you to get the refund from Japan Airlines? 

In Japan Airlines, the timeline to get the refund follows as below points:

  1. You can get the refund from Jpana airlines within 7-10 days if you choose an online method to get the refund. They will directly add the money to the bank account. 
  2. If you want the refund in cash or cheque form in Japan airline, you will get the money back after 25 days. 
  3. If you use the credit card, the money will be directly added to the associated bank account within 7-10 days. 
  4. For a non-refundable ticket, you will not get any refund. Or, in case you get any refund, it will take you more than 30 days to settle it.

The Takeaway

The doubt: How do I get a refund from Japan Airline? It must have been cleared now, as you can tell from the article, the process, and policies about the rebate from Japan Airlines. Read the refund policies well before attempting to cancel or refund. Call Japan Airlines or visit their website for more information. 



Frequently Asked Questions About How do I get a refund from Japan Airlines?

To cancel the flights you can choose either online method using the official website or contact the experts using any customer service platforms. Passengers who have reached the airport can contact the helpline counter at the airport.

Yes, you can cancel the Japan airline award ticket and the refund will be provided to you in the form of travel credits. But passengers need to keep in mind about the 24-hour cancellation policy to be eligible for the refund.

It is not necessary to check the refund policy. Passengers can check the policy to get an idea of the refund and handle situations accordingly. 

Therefore, we hope that we have cleared your concern on how do I get a refund from Japan Airlines and you now have the idea. Also, those who are still confused are free to contact Japan Airlines customer service using any convenient platform

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