How can I text Alaska Airlines?

Learn how can you text Alaska airlines?

Are you worried about your reservation in Alaska airline and have no time to speak to the customer service. Well, we understand being on a waiting list for long to clear your queries is quite a time-taking and in today's busy schedule we all prefer to clear our queries instantly. However, no worries now, Alaska have come up with the special features to connect their customer and have one on one interaction.

Various means can help to connect Alaska customer support team. Texting is one of them. Do you want to know how do I send a text to Alaska airlines? So, here we will give you all the information that may help you.

How do I text Alaska Airlines?

  • Simply you can text Alaska airlines on 82008
  • To text Alaska airlines use 160 characters or less per message.
  • For request of credit card, call Alaska airlines.

Procedure to Text Alaska Airline

This was introduced lately but has brought customer satisfaction level up to 100 %

  • to text, Alaska airline go to their website, under the contact us option
  • you can check using the "text us" option
  • you will be given a link to the phone number, click on that link and here you go

This feature is for all those people who think Can I text Alaska Airlines? So yes, you can connect Alaska airline using the above method.

How to connect Alaska Airlines via free text service (onboard)

How do I send text Alaska airlines onboard? It's always difficult to connect when you are in flight but with this new feature Free Texting; you can be in touch with them during travelling also. All you need is a Smartphone.

Let's see in detail how text to Alaska airlines works?

  • First, turn on your phone's Wi-Fi
  • Connect to "Alaska_wifi" network
  • open your web browser
  • Go to
  • Choose the "Free texting “option.

To use Free texting you need not pay anything. It is free. It’s recommended to install one of these apps Message, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger. While using the free text you need to be more expressive in textual form as it supports text-only you can use emojis, photos or videos, also keep in mind that SMS messages are not supported

Alaska airline is one of the best airlines that fly to more than 100 destinations, so, if you are thinking to book your reservation in Alaska there are many ways to do it can be done online also as well as by connecting with their customer service also. Here we will go into details of how you can connect with their customer support team.

Benefits of text features of Alaska airlines

  • You can opt-in, opt-out for an upgrade, get receipts, get help in seat assignments
  • It meets your requests for accessible travel services
  • One can get enrolled in the airline's frequent flier program
  • You can connect with LIVE agents in very little time
  • You need not wait for several hours, to connect Alaska airline
  • It is free of cost, you need not pay anything extra to use this feature
  • When using it during flight, all you need is your smartphone only.
  • You can use Alaska text service at any hours; it serves their customer 24 x7

This information must have helped you to overcome the doubt of How do I send text Alaska airlines.

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