How do I get a refund from Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait is a national passenger’s carrier headquartered in AI Farwaniyah Governorate. It commenced operation in 1954 and provides continuous services. It covers more than 40 destinations and manages international schedule departures mainly in the Middle East. 

This airline is quite famous for its customer support. However, one can cancel the booked ticket, and it is common during reservations. Most of the first time flyer fails to understand the refund policy and how they should cancel the ticket. If you are facing the same trouble and looking for the answer of how do I get a refund from Kuwait Airways Then read this blog. 

The Refund Policy of Kuwait Airways 

  • You can apply for the refund online 
  • A refund can be made immediately after the cancelation
  • You can cancel the booked ticket in advance and apply for a refund in advance
  • Refunds will rely on the type of payment mode. It might happen that if you make the payment by cash, then you might have to visit the nearest airport or customer support 
  • You can apply for a refund until it expired
  • Non-refundable tickets are not allowed to get a refund in case of domestic traveling. For international, you can get the refund 
  • A refund may take a certain time, like 8 to 9 working days to transfer to the registered account
  • You can collect the refund money in the Kuwait airways account. It will help you to make the future traveling and get some exciting offer

It is the refund policy and does let the airline about cancelation in advance. It boosts the chances of getting a refund and that without any fee. The live person will help the passenger with issue how do I get a refund from Kuwait Airways when needed. The Kuwait Airways refundable ticket is that against which the amount is refunded according to time limit.

Importance of Refund in Kuwait Airways 

  • There are certain benefits that you may receive during Kuwait airways. 
  • Allow you to reschedule and rebook the ticket 
  • Use the miles and refund money for future traveling 
  • You can get quick support and make a decision instantly
  • It will make traveling easy and let you add more services without paying much
  • These are the few benefits, but again it relies on the Kuwait Airways refund policy. It is important to cancel the ticket after reading the policy. 

Now, you must get the answer of how do I get a refund from Kuwait Airways with learning the process of cancelation. If you have more queries or facing some issues, then you can reach out to the Kuwait Airways live person and get a prompt solution. It is available at different hours of the day; you can connect with them at any time of the day. 

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Q- Can I get refund from Kuwait Airways?

Yes, you can get a refund from Kuwait Airways in a very simple and easy way. The airline has a very flexible refund policy and gives various options to passengers that can be used to raise a refund request. The best option is listed below, and you can use it to raise a refund request.

Use Manage Booking - One of the best methods to raise a refund request ifrom Kuwait s the manage booking option, as this option allows passengers to raise a cancellation and change request in Kuwait Airways.

Follow the steps given below to raise a refund request from Kuwait:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • On the homepage of the website
  • Hit the manage booking option.
  • Enter the details like booking number.
  • Select the reservation which you want to cancel and request for a refund from Kuwai.
  • After selecting the reservation, click on the cancel tab and make the payment if applicable.
  • In the end, press the refund tab at the bottom of the page.
  • After completing all the processes, the airline will send a confirmation mail to your registered email address.

Q- How long does it take to refund from Kuwait Airways?

According to the Kuwait Airways refund policy, the airways takes around 20 days to complete the whole process of refund only when passengers make the booking through a credit or debit card. If you booked your flight through cash or cheque, the airline would take 20 to 30 days to provide the refund. 



Frequently Asked Questions About How do I get a refund from Kuwait Airways?

Yes, you can get a refund, but that relies on the type of cancelation and where you are traveling. For domestic flights, non-refundable tickets are not allowed to get refunds and in case of international, then you can apply for it. 


  • You can cancel a ticket only if your ticket allows you to do it
  • The ticket should be canceled before the flight departure
  • There must be an authentic reason behind the cancellation, only then you can get a refund
  • A person with an international flight are always eligible to cancel the ticket

Yes, you can get the new booking, but make sure you use the refund money to get the ticket at a low cost. You can use the miles as well, if possible you should make the payment online. With this, it makes the process of cancellation easy. 

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