How much baggage is Allowed in Japan Airlines?

Information for Japan Airlines baggage allowance when needed

Are you new to Japan Airlines? If yes then we have some detailed information regarding the baggage policy of Japan Airlines and how much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines for you to carry.
When you travel it is good to know the detailed and updated information regarding travelling requirements. It is really bad to be stuck somewhere because you were not aware of certain things before you set out on a journey. To avoid compelling situations we have got some information for you regarding how much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines. Most airlines have their specific rules for carrying baggage. The rules differ slightly with every carrier. So if you are using the Japan Airlines for your travel then keep reading to find out japan airlines baggage allowance anytime.

We have provided information categorically for the following:

  • Carry-in Baggage
  • Checked baggage
  • Items that are restricted
  • Onboard Electronic items
  • Lost or damaged baggage
  • Pets

Carry in Baggage

The numbers and allowances for how much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines carry-in baggage is in the following:

Get all queries answered for Japan Airlines baggage allowance

  • One bag per person.
  • Make sure that the dimensions of your baggage is not oversized, otherwise it may be moved to the cargo compartment.
  • The electronic devices should be switched off inside your baggage that you carry in
  • There shouldn’t be any valuables in you baggage
  • Restricted items should not be there in your carry in baggage (neither in your checked baggage)

Checked baggage

You should read this section carefully to know how much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines. Please check the following points for the details of free checked baggage:

  • The first two bags are free (for Premium Economy Class and Economy Class)
  • The first three bags are free (for the first class and business class)
  • The weight restrictions are 23 kilos per bag (for Premium Economy Class and Economy Class)
  • The weight restrictions are 32 kilos per piece (for the first class and business class)
  • If the baggage that you take along exceeds the free allowances then you will be charged additional amount for that. The additional charges will depend upon the route that you are travelling in.

Restricted items

The Japan Aviation law does not allow knives, etc. in the flight. You will be fined a huge amount in Japan for carrying such item in the flight and the applicable fines according to the laws of the country that you are departing from. Know Japan Airlines baggage allowance related restrictions, the list of such items is:

  • Items which can be abused as a weapon including knives and other blunt objects
  • Sharp or pointed item
  • Inflammable items such as match and lighter (only one lighter per person is allowed)
  • Liquids and in containers not more than 100ml
  • Expensive items and valuables
  • And other dangerous goods

Onboard Electronic items

There is an update regarding the rules which are applicable on using electronic items onboard after the gates are closed for flying. Your electronic items must be switched of or it should be in that mode which does not emit any waves which can interfere with the aircraft communication. You must listen to the cabin crew and shut it down if they ask you to do so.

Lost or damaged baggage

Japan Airlines has an exceptional track record as far as handling baggage is concerned and they have clear policies for lost or damaged baggage.

Damaged Baggage:

Sometimes bad weather and airport conditions are responsible for lost and damaged baggage. If you receive damaged baggage then you need to intimate Japan airlines as soon as possible. It won’t accept any claim after 8 days so please keep that in mind when such situation arises.

They only compensate on a repair basis. They retain the right to other than repair methods depending upon the damage that has taken place and the time that has been involved. As a passenger you are expected to pack in your sensitive luggage such musical instruments, bikes, sports gear, etc. in a responsible manner.

Also please take a note that compensation cannot be provided in each and every case.

Lost Baggage:

In case you lost your luggage then you can contact the staff of Japan Airlines and they will search for and initiate necessary steps to look for your baggage. When your baggage is found you will be intimated with the information where to collect it from or clear it from customs and deliver to your address. And if your luggage is lost then you will be compensated for after 30 to 45 days approximately.

Baggage Left behind:

If you have forgotten your baggage upon your arrival then you must inform the Japan Airlines at the earliest.


You can go for pets but you will have to pay a fee for the crates. You should bear in mind not all kind of pets are allowed and only the following kinds are allowed:

  • Canines
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Marmots
  • Ferrets
  • Chipmunks
  • Chinchillas

The pet that you are carrying should be at least 8 weeks old. It should be free from any diseases and should not be coming from restricted countries where diseases such as Rabies etc. are rampant.
Hope the above information was helpful to you and we could supply you with answers to your query of how much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines. Please feel free to provide any more queries or feedback to us we would be happy to help.

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