How do I cancel Korean Air Flight Ticket?

Korean Air flight change and cancellation policies 

In recent years, South Korea has developed into a major hub for Asian tourism and a lot of airlines operate direct flights from all over the world to South Korea. And hence Korean Air is one of those airlines which operate flights from South Korea to other countries promoting international tourism. Korean Air is the largest air carrier in terms of destinations, several flights, and passengers traveling. 

Making changes in the flights of Korean Air  

Apart from providing flight fares at reasonable prices, Korean Air also provides compatible flight changing rules if you want to cancel your flight. Let's say if you want to cancel your reservation and don't know how to cancel it. In such a scenario, you can take the help of Korean Air Cancellation policies. For detailed information, tap below. 

Cancelling flights in Korean Air  

Korean Air cancellation steps are quite easy and quick with which your reservations will be cancelled in no time. A lot of passengers get their flights cancelled because of certain circumstances, thus Korean Air provides certain cancellation policies. When you cancel your flight ticket, you can follow these rules.  

Steps to cancel Korean Air flight 

  1. For Korean Air flight cancellation, you can follow below given steps.
  2. To cancel the flight, first of all, open the official website of the Korean Air and tap on the manage booking section link. 
  3. Under the manage booking section of the Korean Air, now look for flight cancellation and open the link. 
  4.  On the next page, enter your reservation number and click on the search flight tab. As your flight details load, scroll down and cancel the flight reservation by tapping on the cancel button. And you will be done!
  5. And your Korean Air cancellation will be confirmed. You can also call on the reservation helpline number to cancel your flight.  

Flight cancellation and refund policies of the Korean Air  

  1. If you are canceling your flight within the 24 hours of flight reservation, then you can apply for a full refund. 
  2.  And if you have canceled your flight after 24 hours then the cancellation charges will be implied depending on the type of your fare. 
  3.  The refund will be credited in your account within 7 working days and the same way you paid for the flight. 
  4.  The full refund will only be credited if the flight is seven days later from the date of cancellation. 
  5.  And hence with the help of the above-given policies of the Korean Air cancellation, you can easily apply for the refund post canceling your flight.  

Flight changing rules of the Korean Air  

A lot of passengers don't cancel their flights but prefer changing their flight reservations. Hence for the Korean Air flight change, you can take the help of below-given steps. 

Steps to change the flight of Korean Air  

  1. To change the flight in Korean Air, open the homepage of the airline's website and go to the booking section.  
  2. Now from the booking section, select the change reservation option and enter your flight details.  
  3. If your flight allows then choose any other flight and replace it with the old reservation.  
  4. Pay the fare differences and hence your new booking will be confirmed.  

And you are done! With the help of the above-given steps, you can easily make Korean Air cancellation and flight change. In case of any other information, contact the customer support team of the airline. 

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