How to Cancel WestJet Airlines Ticket?

Learn the procedure to cancel WestJet bookings plus its cancellation policy

WestJet Airlines permits its travelers to cancel their booking an unlikely event, which may occur unexpectedly. You can effortlessly apply for the cancellation of a pre-booked flight through their official website.  Besides, WestJet Airlines presents a complete set of rules to determine the provisions for canceling a booking with them. Therefore, if you need to understand the whole details about the WestJet Airlines Cancellation policy and the method to apply for it comprehensively, then go by the data discussed below.

How can you apply for a ticket cancellation on WestJet?

WestJet Airlines cancellation service is available on their official website the steps for which are as enlisted below:

  1. Open the WestJet website, and navigate towards Manage & Plan tab.
  2. Then go to the "My Trips" option from the list given in Manage & Plan section.
  3. Next, you have to provide the reservation ID first.
  4. Then enter the last name of traveler in assigned field.
  5. Now hit search for retrieving your whole booking list.
  6. Next open that individual booking you wish to cancel.
  7. Then tab on "Cancel Button" given besides that booking.
  8. At last, WestJet Airlines will send a confirmed cancellation of flight notification.

What is the cancellation policy of WestJet Airlines?

  1. WestJet Airline has bonded all the cancellation terms and conditions under its policy. Therefore, entire WestJet Airlines cancellation policy is as discussed below:
  2. According to the flight cancellation rules, WestJet Airlines traveler’s get the chance to cancel a ticket only until 2 hours before its departure time
  3. Moreover, when a WestJet Airlines passenger apply for cancellation of a booking within 24 hours, then the service is free without any penalty
  4. Whereas, if the WestJet Airlines passenger apply for cancellation of a booking after 24 hours, then they will be charged for the service
  5. The amount of cancellation fee levied by the WestJet Airlines is 135 dollars plus additional taxes
  6. Moreover, WestJet Airlines refunds the ticket fee of the passenger after its cancellation in the original mode of payment
  7. However, when a flight is cancelled on the same day as departure, then the amount is refunded by the WestJet Airlines in travel bank of the passenger.

Hence, all the conditions for WestJet Airlines cancellation are provided above. Besides, WestJet passengers are permitted to contact them through customer support service center for knowing about any reservation related details about them.

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