How do I send an email to Philippine Airlines?

Sending email to The Philippine Airlines

As the name suggests, Philippine Airlines is an airline service originating from the Philippines. This flag carrier is one of the first and oldest airline services in Asia operating under the original name. This excellent fag carrier was founded in 1941 and is still functioning. So if you need to connect with it and are looking to know "How to send an email to Philippine ?"  then you're in luck today.

And depending on the passenger could be any other type of query.

Steps to send Email to Philippine Airlines

  1. If you wish to connect through the email
  2. Go to your email service.
  3. Compose an email, and type in your query
  4. In the receiver's email address, type This is the official email id to directly connect with the airline.
  5. For customers who are a part of the Philippine Airlines regular flyer program, follow the above process of sending an email, and in the receiver's email address, type instead. This email is specially dedicated to responding to queries of their Mabuhay Miles customers.
  6. Send the mail at for media queries only.
  7. For security-related queries, send to
  8. And now send the mail. Make sure you mention all the details from your side to get proper assistance. is dedicated email address of Philippine Airlines, when you can easily send the message about your booking,manage, baggage or other problems.

So now that you have your answer on "How to send an email to Philippine Airlines?" There are a few points you should make a note of. Different people have different needs to connect. Sometimes it is to solve a query, sometimes to get assistance on a particular step; others might want to share their experience. Philippine Airlines understands its passengers and accordingly provides many options to connect with them even through email services. What are the categories covered through this mode of communication? You can send a mail on topics like

  1. Booking and Reservations
  2. Cancellation and Refund
  3. Baggage related queries
  4. Airline policies
  5. Vouchers, Offers, and Promotions 
  6. Customer programs
  7. Security 
  8. Corporate communication

These are topics covered under the services and support they provide. Often, passengers want to know, "How do feedback to Philippine Airlines?" . And this can be for many reasons. If you are looking to do any of these, you can do it with the help of their direct feedback option.

  1. Go to your web browser
  2. Visit the Philippine Airlines official website
  3. Find the "Contact Us" button.
  4. You will find "Customer Feedback" as the second last option on the page
  5. Click it; it will expand downwards. Once more, a blue "Customer Feedback" button will appear; click it.
  6. Options to select the method and continue with the action will pop up. Choose your preference.
  7. A new page will open to send an email for the sole purpose of feedback directly. 

This should cover your quest for "How do I send an email to Philippine Airlines?" today. If you feel you need more assistance, visit the official page and connect with customer care, who are always looking forward to helping you in the best possible way. The airline has already showed how much it cares about its customers by providing them with so many options for sending email. The customer care will satisfy in the same way.


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