What is Baggage Allowance Policy of Alaska Airlines?

An Overview on the Baggage Policy of Alaska Airlines

Baggage is one of the top priorities for any passenger before executing his/her travel plans. No one would like to pay extra bucks for bringing extra baggage weight and this is the reason that passengers look for baggage allowances discussed in the Alaska Airlines baggage policy of their respective airlines.

If you have recently booked your flight tickets on Alaska Airlines and now you want to know about its baggage allowances and fee then worry as this article will guide you with the Alaska Airlines baggage policy.

Important Guidelines from the Baggage Policy of Alaska Airlines

  1. Alaska Airlines allows you to bring 1 personal & 1 standard carry-on bag for free
  2. The size restrictions specified by Alaska Airlines for standard baggage are 22" x 14" x 9"or 55.88cm x 35.56cm x 22.86 cm

Baggage Policy of Alaska Airlines: Carry-On Allowance

  1. Alaska Airlines allows you to bring checked baggage weighing up to 50 lbs or 23 kg with the maximum linear dimensions of 62" or 158 cm
  2. The following are the baggage fee under Alaska Airlines baggage policy in its different classes (on Domestic flights) with respective to the number of bags carried:

1) Economy Class

1st Bag: $30
2nd Bag: $40
3rd bag or more: $100 each

2) First Class

1st Bag: FREE
2nd Bag: FREE
3rd Bag: $100

3) If you are flying Within the State of Alaska

1st Bag: FREE
2nd Bag: FREE
3rd Bag: FREE
4+ bags: $100

Alaska Airlines baggage cut-off changes according to destinations.

  1. These cut-off times won't guarantee the planning for loading up at the flight entryway.
  2. The urban communities having a baggage cut-off time of 45 minutes are Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver and Philadelphia.
  3. If any traveler is going from Guadalajara, at that point the baggage cut-off time is an hour and a half.

Additional or Excess Baggage Fees Charged By Alaska Airlines

  1. Alaska Airlines charges a fee of $100 on each additional piece of luggage (3 or more bags)
  2. An overweight fee of $100 is chargeable for bags weighing more than 51–100 lbs or 23– 45 kg
  3. An oversized fee of $100 is chargeable for bags exceeding the dimensions of 63- 115 inches or 158- 292 cm

How to Avoid Baggage Fee on Alaska Airlines?

The following tips can help you to avoid baggage fee while traveling with Alaska Airlines.

  1. only bring carry-on baggage
  2. Join the Alaska Airlines loyalty program or get an Alaska Airlines credit card
  3. Buy a premium flight ticket or military flight ticket

Moreover, contact customer services to get any further information on Alaska Airlines baggage policy from the experts.

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