Eva Air Change Flight Policy

What are the rules stated under the change flight policy of Eva Air?

Eva Air has a very sound and clear change flight policy which explains the conditions for modifying a pre-booked itinerary. This facility is accessible by all those people who have booked a flight directly with Eva Air either via online platform or any other. The main objective of the flight change facility provided by Eva Air is to help the passengers in need of urgency by allowing them to modify their tickets. Moreover, the various necessary factors related to the Eva Air Change Flight policy, including the way to process it plus the change cost travellers have to pay is as discussed below.

What is the change flight policy of Eva Air?

The main rules prescribed under the flight change policy of the Eva Air are as given below:

    1. As per the change flight policy all those bookings are eligible for change, which are booked by the customers directly with the Eva Air.
    2. According to the Eva Air flight change rules, you are allowed to change the date or time of your travel, or the route of your travel too.
    3. Moreover changing the name of travelers is also allowed when mistakenly entered wrong with a minor spelling error.
    4. Changing the last name is permitted in legal conditions by providing a proper document proof like a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate.
    5. You can apply for change in flight on Eva Air website or by contacting them.

What is the process to change a name or date on ticket?

As you already know that Eva Air Change Flight policy allows modifying the travelers name or date in a booked ticket, and the process for both is also same. Hence, refer to the process given below to change name or date on a booked ticket with Eva Air:

  1. Go to the official web page link of the Eva Air
  2. Then navigate towards the Manage Your Trip
  3. Next, click to open the Manage Your Trip window
  4. Then enter your booking reference in assigned box
  5. Also, enter the first and last name of the traveler in the assigned boxes
  6. Hence, press login button to retrieve your bookings
  7. Then, select an individual booked flight to modify
  8. Next, change the travel date, or passengers name according to your requirement
  9. Hereafter, pay the specified amount of fee before saving the change you have applied

How much does it cost to change a flight?


The cost you have to pay for the Eva Air change flight is quite nominal. The more specific details on the fee you have to pay for changing a flight with Eva Air is, as below:


  1. The general cost you have to pay for making a few eligible changes in your booked ticket with Eva Air is 50 dollars.
  2. However, you don’t have to pay any change fee if your ticket is refundable as you can simply cancel it for full refund, then book a new flight.


Hence, all the required details about Eva Air Change Flight are already discussed above in brief. Moreover, you have the option to connect with the customer care service of Eva Air if you some more queries in mind regarding the other reservation related services.

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