How do I cancel my Aeromexico Airlines Ticket?

Aeromexico is undoubtedly one of the best Airlines you can come across. Ensure to walk through the path given below. Then you're not going to face any issues in understanding the policy and the cancellation procedure. There can also be a circumstance where your flight might be cancelled for Covid-related reasons. In that scenario, if you're aware of the Covid cancellation policy, you'll be able to make a refund claim and get the full refund of your investment. You can even connect with the customer support of Aeromexico to complete the cancellation. They are available for you seven days a week.

Aeromexico Cancellation Flight Process

To make the cancellation, you need to ensure that you have followed the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Gain access to Aeromexico's official website.
  2. Now you need to choose the "Your Trip" option
  3. Now mention the Aeromexico booking code.
  4. Select the option of "Search."
  5. Now, you'll come across the Aeromexico reservation which you have made.
  6. Open the reservation, and then choose the option of cancellation.
  7. Then confirm the cancellation option.

That is it. You have successfully made the cancellation. Soon, you'll receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation you have made. You can even cancel with the help of customer support. You need to ensure that you have used the official data.

Cancel Aeromexico Flight with the help of customer support:

You can cancel by following the steps regarding the official number given below. You can even connect through the live chat option of Aeromexico, or you can email your query to customer support. Once you have followed these options, you will not face any issues.

Call up the official number to begin cancellation process of  Aeromexico:

  1. You need to phone up Aeromexico's official number.
  2. Once you have called the number, you'll come across the IVR menu.
  3. Choose the options from the menu which are directly connected to your query canelltion.
  4. That is it. Your phone call will be connected to the agent trained to handle your question.
  5. You can explain the issue you're facing to customer support.
  6. A quick and permanent solution will be provided to you by customer support.

Cancellation Policy of Aeromexico

You can go through the Aeromexico cancellation policy below. Then you'll be easily able to make your ticket refundable. Aeromexico has ensured that you get the facility of the twenty-four hours refund policy.

  1. To make your Aeromexico ticket full refundable, you must ensure that you have canceled within twenty-four hours. Also, you must ensure that you have made the booking at least seven days before the departure date of the Aeromexico.
  2. If Aeromexico canceled your flight, you would be able to get a refund of the total investment you made.
  3. You must ensure that you have filled out the Aeromexico refund form within twenty-four hours of booking.
  4. You could not cancel if you didn't show up for the flight.

Once you have followed the cancellation policy of Aeromexico above, you will not face any issue in making your ticket refundable. The confirmation email you will receive on the registered email address will also contain a link. Once you follow that link, then through that, you'll be able to get the refund you want.

Aeromexico Covid cancellation Policy

  1. If your Aeromexico flight was canceled due to some Covid-related reasons, you're eligible to get a complete refund.
  2. To board the flight, you must show your Covid Negative report, which is not more than twenty-four.
  3. If you have not carried your account, or your Covid negative report is more than twenty-four hours old, you'll not be allowed to board the flight.
  4. You need to follow all the essential protocols before you board the flight. For example - wear a mask.

How much does it cost to change flights in Aeromexico?

It will cost you around $200 to change to a domestic flight in Aeromexico. However, in case you made the booking of an international flight, then you might be charged around $400. The exact cost is not fixed. The change cost is going to be different from one ticket to another.

To make the changes in Aeromexico flight, you must ensure that you have followed the steps below on the official website of Aeromexico.

  1. You need to gain access to Aeromexico's website.
  2. Pick out the button "My trip."
  3. You need to mention the reference number and the passenger's full name.
  4. Choose the button of search.
  5. You'll see the reservation you have made.
  6. Choose the button "Change flight."
  7. You'll come across the list of flights.

Now you only need to choose the flight most suitable for you. While making the changes to your reservation, you cannot change the destination of your flight. Once you have completed the reservation changes, you'll be ready to fly on the flight you have selected for yourself. Hopefully, your issue regarding the Aeromexico cancellation and changes is over.

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