What is British Airways Baggage Policy?

British Airways Baggage Policy for the Travelers

British Airlines exhibit a good combination of standard baggage policies to the passengers to feel free when you travel. Baggage charges vary with the passenger itineraries and the class of seating in the airline. So keep the tones of bag and your small suitcase ready to move smartly with the airline by knowing British Airways Baggage Policy.

Carry all the mandatory items with you and avoid carrying prohibited items for the trouble-free experience to reach your destination. British Airways have structured an easy to understand British Airways Baggage Policy to travel easily without any constriction.

Follow British Airways Baggage Policy

British Airways Hand Baggage

  • You are allowed to carry one bag of hand luggage and along with that you can carry one small item on board.
  • A standard size of 56*45*25 is prescribed for the hand luggage, and for the small item size must not exceed 40*30*15 weigh up to 23kg each.
    Add Extra Baggage to Hand Baggage

You are allowed to add checked baggage for a small amount of fee depending on the route of your itinerary whose weigh does not exceed 23kg.
For the first bag, the online price is 20-40Euros and at the Airport price, you will be charged a 40-65 Euro.

British Airways checked Baggage

  • A standard size prescribed for checked baggage must not be larger than 90*75*43 with weight allowance of 23kg to 32kg depending on the route of your itinerary.
  • If your ticket type is World Traveler Euro Traveler Domestic Eco, you are allowed to carry 23kg for each piece of bag and similarly, for World Traveler Y class you can carry 2 bags which can weigh up to 23kg each.

Extra Baggage

  • In this passengers are allowed to check in with 10 pieces per flight which include the allocated checked baggage allowance.

Remove the stress for the extra baggage charges, Stick easy with the British Airways Baggage Policy of British Airways Baggage policy, and get relieve in your journey and plan to expense saved bucks on baggage to other necessities. If you are still in confusion, you may call directly to the customer support team of British Airways.

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