How can I cancel British Airways Flight Tickets?

Things You Must Know about Booking Cancellation with British Airways

British Airways is a major passenger carrier of the UK, headquartered in London. These airlines cover more than 70 international destinations. It makes it the second-largest airline in the country. Though, it does not assure that flyer will cancel the tickets. 

No one during booking comes with a second thought, everyone hopes for the best. But, many such situations occur where the person needs to cancel the whole traveling plan. If you are going to end up with the trip idea with British Airways, then you might know about the cancellation. We have covered the steps as well as the British Airways Cancellation Policy. You can go through them and make the cancellation process easy and effortless. 

What Is British Airways Cancellation Policy? 

  • Before cancelling the tickets, the person must be aware of the policy that will be helpful to redeem the refund. 
  • You can cancel the tickets within 24 hours of purchasing without giving any cancellation fee 
  • If the cancellation is made after 24 hours, then there will be some cancellation charges
  • Cancellation of tickets are applicable only when you have purchased the ticket directly from the company’s website 

For domestic flight, you can cancel the ticket 7 days prior to the departure and for international regions, you are allowed to cancel the tickets 48 hours before the departure

If you get into a no-show condition, then you will no more eligible to cancel the flight. Here, no show condition occurs when the person does not board the flight or miss the flight due to some reasons. And, if someone tries to cancel the tickets and apply for the refunds, then they cannot do it

  • Once the person gets into the no-show situation, then tickets will automatically cancel 
  • For non-refundable tickets cancellation, the person can ask for the refunds only when they cancel the tickets within 24 hours of purchasing
  • For refundable tickets, a person are eligible to cancel the tickets without depending on the situation or cause 

It is British Airways Cancellation Policy and makes sure you remember these points before canceling the tickets. If you satisfy the above-mentioned points then you can easily cancel the tickets and ask for quick refunds. 

Steps To Cancel the Bookings with British Airways 

British Airways makes the process of cancellation easy and that you can do it online. 

  • First of all, go to the official booking website of British Airways.
  • Click on the homepage where a different option will be present 
  • Select “Cancel flights” but before that, you have to click on the “manage booking” 
  • Provide the booking information and provide the ID for login 
  • Next, click on booking and select the bookings you want to cancel.
  • When you cancel the tickets, and after that, you have to confirm it 

In this way, you can cancel the tickets online. Though, if you are not comfortable with the online process, then you can go offline too. You can visit the airport or you can interact with customer support too but there will be some cancellation charges. Though, there may be some British Airways Cancellation fee that you must be aware of. 

These fees depend on the various factors and rely more on the destination. We have covered a detailed analysis below; you can go through it, but before that knowing about the British Airways Cancellation Policy is important. 

How much does it cost to cancel British Airways flight? 

British Airways Cancellation fee relies on the type of the booking and place. 

  • If you cancel the tickets after 24 hours of purchasing, then you might have to bear some additional charges
  • If the canceled flight covers the domestic region, then the cancellation fee could be $125.

If the canceled British flight covers the international region, then the cancellation fee could be $450. It may vary up to $500 and even more. It depends on the number of booking and when you have canceled the tickets.


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