What is British Airways Group Booking Policy

Get Complete Details for British Airways Group Booking

When you travel with 10 or more people in economy class flight, 7 or more in higher flight classes, and more than 4 passengers in first class, your trip would be considered as group travel. And in such a case, you may get additional benefits for your flight bookings. And you can get a complete package of information by going along with this article.

Benefits of Travelling with a Group with British Airways

  1. When you make British Airways group booking, you will provide a dedicated team to take care of you throughout the journey.
  2. With a small amount of deposit for each passenger, you can book flight tickets.
  3. Also, the airline will try to offer your seats together, in this way, you can enjoy the journey by seating together.
  4. In addition, you will be benefitted from name changes in your group at free before issuing the tickets.

After knowing all the benefits, you must be thinking to make bookings on British Airways. Well, to help you with this, here are all the details that you should read and proceed with.

How Would You Make British Airways Group Booking?

Your group travel tickets can be booked by simply contacting the customer service team of British Airways or through a travel agent. They will provide you all the information about the fare and availability of flights however you can book your tickets on your own by requesting a group travel quote. To do so, you may follow the given steps:

  1. At first, reach out to the Group Travel page and select the Request a Quote option.
  2. After that, you have to provide Group Details, Your Details, Your Flight Details, Outbound and Inbound information.
  3. Also, you may opt for getting offers information and click the Submit option.

In this way, you'll be contacted by the British Airways group booking support team and will quote you about the group booking. And you can hold the reservations by paying a deposit.

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