What is Copa Airlines Pet Policy

What is the pet transport policy at Copa?

Copa Airlines tries its best to cover all the needs and requirements of its travelers by leveraging them with necessary amenities. Being the flag bearer of Panama, Copa Airlines also provides flexible pet policies to provide comfortable accommodation to your four-legged friends.

If you wish to embark on a journey with a pet but do not know, does Copa allow pets? Take help from the given jhere as here you can extract all the essential details regarding carrying a pet on Copa Airlines.

General pet transportation terms and conditions at Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines provides a friendly environment to your pets, but there are some terms and conditions a pet parent must abide by if they wish to carry their pet on Copa. Give a good glance to the below mentioned some of the crucial pet policies of Copa Airlines-

  1. The transportation of pets at Copa Airlines can be done only between Monday and Friday for international flights.
  2. As for the domestic flight, a passenger can transport their pet daily, but the flight must not have any international connection between the origin and destination.
  3. Copa Airlines allows only one pet per container, and the airline also does not allow any pet other than dogs and cats.
  4. As per the Copa airlines pet policy, the pet's age must be between two months to a maximum extent of 11 years old. If the pet parent needs to make an exception, they must sign the responsibility release of COPA.

Also, one pet is allowed per passenger, and the passenger must not exceed the number; otherwise, their flight will be canceled.

The airline prohibits the transportation of an emotional support pet and serviced pet in the cabin. Copa Pets service is the only way if you wish to transport your pet on Copa Airlines.
In the main cabin of every flight, only three pets are allowed per flight. So, if you wish to transport your pet, you need to contact the Sales Office or the Copa Center at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

You can also reserve a seat for your pet at the time of booking a ticket for yourself. However, if you fail to make a reservation and reach the airport without any booking, you will get pet transportation as per the availability.

Conditions at Copa Airlines for pet transportation

If you want no troubles in transporting your four-legged friends on Copa, keep in mind the given conditions:

  1. The pet's weight added together with its container must not exceed the standard weight limit- 20 lb.
  2. Pets must not require emotional support throughout the flight and must not be offensive to the environment.
  3. If the passenger wishes to feed their pet, ensure that your pet can eat their food by staying inside the container.
  4. The container you bring for your pet must be clean, spillage proof, adequately ventilated, and do not have any scope for the pet to escape out.
  5. Your pet’s container must be kept in front of their assigned seat and should not occupy the aisle seat anyhow.

Cage and container requirements

  1. If you are carrying a pet on Copa Airlines, you must keep them inside a container or a cage. But, the cage or container you wish to carry must fulfill the given requirements:
  2. The cage or container must be built of wood, metal, or plastic incorporating soft sides to provide comfort to your pets.
  3. The cage and container must be spacious and roomy enough to support the free moment for the pets.
  4. The material used to build the cage and container must be durable enough to keep the animals away from escaping out.

These are some of the important points to keep in mind about What is Copa Airlines pet policy if you wish to enjoy the pet services provided by the airline. Also, consider contacting the Copa Airlines customer service representative to get professional guidance on pet transportation.

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