What time does Turkish Airlines close?

What time does check-in close Turkish Airlines?

Have you made your booking with Turkish Airlines? And not sure of what time does Turkish airline close? Stay tuned with us to get detailed information. Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines, and it is known to provide the best check-in services. When you check in on Turkish airlines, the time matters a lot, as there is a deadline for every check-in option. If you lost the deadline, you would not be able to catch your Flight. So let’s discuss in detail about what are the check-in option and their deadlines.

Different Check-in options at Turkish airlines 

  1. Turkish airline.com via online
  2. Mobile App
  3. Self-Check-in Kiosk
  4. Airport counter

Closing Time of Airport counters at Turkish Airlines

If you want to check-in at airport counters, make sure that you reach the airport 60 minutes before departure of domestic flights and 75 minutes before departure for international flights. 

Online check-in on Turkish Airlines

  1. The online check-in starts much earlier, 24 hours before the Flight and 90 minutes before the flight departure.
  2. To check online eat first go to the official website.
  3. Locate the check-in or manage booking section on top
  4. Enter the PNR number, your last name, and click on the tab search
  5. Now follow the instruction on the screen, select your seat, a special meal, and book extra baggage if required
  6. You can also download your boarding pass, and following the online instruction, you can complete your check-in

Check-in using the Turkish Airlines mobile app

You can check in using a mobile app from 24 hours to 90 minutes before departure. You can open your mobile app and go through the check-in options. Complete the check-in process by following on-screen instructions and download your boarding pass once done. Before you check-in via the mobile app, make sure that your airport accepts this option.

Check-in at Turkish Airlines Self-Service Kiosk

  1. The kiosk check-in is available at selected airports only. If available at your airport, you can check from 12 hours to 60 minutes before your domestic flight departure and 75 minutes before your international flight departure.
  2. At first, place your debit card or miles and smiles card in the card reader.
  3. Enter the confirmation number or reservation code

Follow the instruction running on the Kiosk to complete your check-in

What time does Turkish Airlines close? Hoping you must have got the answer from the information above. You can also connect with the Turkish Airlines customer support team and check if there is any update on timings.


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