Will I get my money back if Ryanair cancel my Flight?

What if Ryanair cancels my flight?

Ryanair is one of the most convenient options if you want to explore the charm of Europe in luxury. The airline, being an ultra-low-cost airline, strives to maintain the comfort of its travelers by leveraging them with flexible policies. If Ryanair cancels your flight, you can get a refund on your booking, and the airline is obliged to compensate for your inconvenience.

If you are stuck with a thought- will I get my money back if Ryanair cancel my flight, the answer lies here, Also, feel free to contact the customer service number of the airline.

Cancellation Policy at Ryanair

  1. Take help of the given cancellation policy at Ryanair before you make any decision with your canceled flight:
  2. Ryanair cares a great deal about its passenger’s comfort, so to make the travel experience even more seamless, the airline has introduced a flexible cancellation policy. Also, you can get a full refund within the seven days of request made if Ryanair cancels your flight:
  3. The airline tries its best to minimize the inconvenience caused by the disruptions in your booked flight.
  4. When Ryanair Airlines cancels your flight, you can choose either of the two options- apply for a refund or reschedule your flight for free.
  5. The airline is obliged to notify you as soon as there are any changes in your existing flights. The airline notifies you about the updates in your email, text message, or phone number provided by the passengers.
  6. The airline provides refunds within seven business days in the original payment form.

You can reschedule your flight if you do not wish to cancel it by visiting the airline's official website for free.

Stop wondering will I get my money back if Ryanair cancel my flight and follow the steps if you wish to know how to get a refund from the airline:

  1. Get to the official Ryanair using your search engine.
  2. You get a menu bar to your right; choose My Bookings from the menu.
  3. If you have a myRyanair account, type in your email and password to retrieve your booking.
  4. If you do not have the account, enter your reservation number and registered email address; click on the Go button given down the form.
  5. Either way, you will get your flight details, and below the details, you can see the Cancel option. 
  6. So, cancel your flight and proceed to fill in the refund request form.
  7. Type in the details required- the passenger's name, contact details, email address, and reason for canceling the flight.
  8. Now, you need to submit associated documentation.
  9. The airline will then send you the confirmation email for your refund.     
  10. Family Members those can apply for Immediate Refund

So Ryanair does not provide refund for all canceled flights. Ryanair cancels your flight due to some uncontrollable circumstances, and to eradicate any inconveniences; it even reschedules your flight to the next possible flight depending on the seat availability.

If passengers have been affected by a bereavement of any member of their family within 28 days of reservation and do not want to travel,the Ryanair may provide a full money back upon application. Here are the list of Immediate family members define by Ryanair such as:

  1. Spouse
  2. Civil Partner
  3. Father/Mother-in-law
  4. Brother/Sister-in-law
  5. Children
  6. Son/Daughter-in-law
  7. Parents
  8. Brothers & Sisters
  9. Grandparents & Grandchildren

Though, the airline itself will refund your booking if your flight gets canceled from the airline’s end. Also, you can contact the airline's customer service and directly ask them- will I get my money back if Ryanair cancel my flight.


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