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Jeddah is a city in the Hijaz Tihamah and is known for urbanization in Saudi Arabia, largest city in the Makkah, has largest sea port on the Red Sea  as well second largest city after the capital city Riyadh . It is the principal gateway of Mecca and is considered as the Islam’s holy city as it is on the coast of Red Sea fishing and seafood has major hold there, to increase tourism it is considered different by most of the Saudis.

Best time to Fly to Jeddah

the best time to be in the city is around October up till March with an average temperature is from 20-30 degree Celsius according to this the individual can compare the tickets and book the cheap flights to Jeddah or cheap flight tickets to Jeddah.

Peak Season - Jeddah is the gateway of Mecca because of which Muslims keep flocking in to make Hajji Pilgrimage every year, this is the peak season and the city is buzzing with the pilgrimage from October till March.

Off Season – Summers are extremely hot and humid amongst which July is the hottest month however as it is the vacation time they have a festival which goes on by the name of Jeddah Ghir which means Jeddah is different,it has everything in it market fairs , competition culture games , exhibitions so forth still is the off season because of climate and one will see less crowd , however during this time of the year there is the possibility of booking cheap flight tickets to Jeddah

Climate – in the Summer temperature ranges from 30 degree Celsius to 43 degree Celsius , has a tropical arid climate , thunderstorm are common in winters , lowest temperature which we know o know is 9.8 degree Celsius and the highest temperature which has been recorded 52.0 degree Celsius so according to the cimate people can easily book cheap flight ticets to Jeddah.

Places to visit to Jeddah

when it comes to Saudi Arabian countries people think that they are very strict however that is not the case in Jeddah following are places that one can visit being there

· The courtyard city

· Municipality Museum

· Jeddah Corniche

· Floating Mosque  

· The Red Sea Mall

· Fakieh Aquarium

· Boulevard

· Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum

· Durrah Beach

· Al Shallal Theme Park  


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Nearest Airports To Jeddah

Al-Shallal Theme Park
King Fahd's Fountain
Nasseef House
Fakieh Aquarium
Atallah Happy Land Park

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