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South Africa’s biggest city and the seat of constitutional court- Johannesburg which once was a home to Nelson Mandela reconstructed Mandela’s home into a museum. It is not traditionally known as a tourist place but never fails to shock visitors with its scenic beauty that welcomes with open arms into its iconic history, culture and people. A place which was once known for gun crime and poverty has undergone a drastic change to become a globally conscious hub. Book your cheap flight to Johannesburg to witness the city redone and the historical transition.

Johannesburg experience within southern latitude a blend of high and low temperatures with a constant variation. If you are planning to explore this place, winter months are the most preferable ones to capture the cooler and drier climate. The climate here is in total opposition with what people experience, in other words the summers begin from December to February whereas winters are to be experienced during the months from June to August. However the peak season to spend time in such a beautiful place is during winters resulting in high airfares. To book flights in off-peak season makes passengers to easily find cheap flight tickets to Johannesburg.

Cheap Flights Tickets to Johannesburg

Johannesburg has an incredibly history, leaving behind some masterpieces for visitors to have a look upon. Take a trip to these worth seeing attractions listed below:

·         Johannesburg art gallery

·         Apartheid museum

·         Nelson Mandela Bridge

·         Cradle of Humankind

·         Gold Reef City

·         Lion Park

·         Carlton Centre

·         Montecasino

To get ultimate pleasure and never ending enjoyment always look for cheap flights to Johannesburg. Hence travelers who intend to visit this location can always find a room at bottom prices within the period of December to February due to low tourist crowd and season’s unpopularity.  Don’t board your next flight until you make a nice trip to Johannesburg.


Frequently Asked Questions About Johannesburg

South Africa attracts the maximum number of tourists in its summer months, from November to March. That shows the high demand, and ticket prices generally get high this month. But usually, the airlines lower the prices of the tickets in the month of February. Other than that, the cheapest month to fly to South Africa are the winter months. Going to South Africa generally includes a layover which means a change in the airline or to board the connecting flight. There are many factors that are required to be kept in mind for booking a cheap flight. For instance, if you book your ticket in advance for the peak months, you’ll get the flight ticket at better prices.

There are many airlines that provide the direct flights to Johannesburg, and the top most out of them are Airlink (4Z) with 41 routes to JNB, CemAir (5Z) with 13 routes to JNB, British Airways (BA) with 10 routes to JNB, South African Airways (SA)8 routes to JNB, Safair (FA)6 routes to JNB. You should book your flight in a month of low demand to get a flight at reasonable prices. You may have to dig deeper in your research to look for the cheapest booking month. The advance booking of the flight is suggested even for your connecting flight to Johannesburg.

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Nearest Airports To Johannesburg

Delta Park
Maboneng Precinct
Apartheid Museum
Johannesburg Half-Day Sightseeing Tour
Satyagraha House

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