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A quick guide on how to book reservations with Aeromexico Airlines

Nowadays, air travel has become one of the most preferred modes of travelling that only saves the travel time of the passengers but offers an option to plan urgent trips. Still, there are a few passengers who avoid planning with airlines because of the huge expenditure involved. Fortunately, there are a few airlines that offer passengers with certain deals and offers to make it easier for one to plan their trip.

Aeromexico is a flag carrier airline that is known for offering passengers with affordable flight tickets. So, for the passengers who are planning to book Aeromexico Airlines Reservations here, they will be offered with the complete information on they can confirm their booking with the airline.

Booking reservations with Aeromexico

Currently, the airline offers its passengers with two modes of booking reservations that include booking via reservation department and online booking. However, it is suggested to the passengers to book their flight tickets online as it saves both time and money.

Steps for booking reservations online with Aeromexico

The procedure to book Aeromexico Airlines Reservations online is quite simple. All you need is to stick to the steps provided below.

  1. To purchase a flight ticket with Aeromexico, launch the website and click on the Book tab.
  2. Select the flight type with the total number of traveling with the airline.
  3. Mention the origin and destination for the reservations and select a departure date for the reservations.
  4. After filling up the information, click on the Search tab.
  5. From the provided list of flights, pick one for booking the reservations and provide the passenger details.
  6. Further, select a payment mode and confirm the booking with the airline.

And in this way, the passenger can easily confirm Aeromexico Airlines Reservations. But, if the passenger wishes to cancel their booking before the departure due to any unforeseen reason, they can check out the cancellation and refund policy of the airline.

Cancelling reservations with Aeromexico Airlines

Well, cancelling reservations with Aeromexico becomes simpler, if the passenger has complete information about the cancellation policy. So, to help out the passengers, here are some of the basic pointers.

  1. The cancellation policy only applies to the reservations that are booked online or through the reservation department of the airline.
  2. However, not all reservations are allowed for cancellation. Hence, before proceeding with the cancellation, the passenger needs to check if their flight ticket is eligible for cancellation or not.
  3. Further, as per the airline policy, the passenger can cancel their booking within one day of the purchase and opt for a cost-free cancellation option.
  4. And if the cancellation is made after one day of the purchase, then passengers might require to pay a cancellation fee, which is defined by the fare type.

Hence, these are the few conditions that need to keep in mind before cancelling their Aeromaxico Airlines Reservations with the airline. And for those wondering about the refund for the cancelled reservations, they can check out the refund policy provided below.

The refund policy of Aeromexico Airlines

  1. For passengers willing to claim a refund for their cancelled reservations, these pointers will help them claim a quick refund.
  2. As mentioned in the refund policy, for the cancellations made within one day of the booking, they are offered a full refund without deduction of any fee.
  3. But, if the cancellations are made after one day of the booking, then a certain amount of cancellation fee and service taxes will be deducted from the refund amount.
  4. Further, the refund is offered to the passengers in the original form of payment used for purchasing flight tickets.
  5. Also, the refund processing might take up to 7 to 20 business days depending on the payment mode.

And for the passengers who are willing to travel with Aeromexico and wish to save their travel time, they are offered with the online check-in option which they can opt to get their boarding passes in advance. But, it is required that the passenger keep these pointers in mind.

Check-in policy Aeromexico Airlines

1. Online check-in

  1. For the passengers checking in online, it is required that they check-in 24 hours before the departure for international flights.
  2. And for those traveling domestically, the online check-in starts 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

2. Check-in at the airport

  1. For passengers traveling internationally, it is required that they check-in at least 90 minutes before the departure.
  2. Further, it is required that the passengers reach their boarding gates at least 40 minutes before the departure.
  3. And for passengers traveling within Mexico, it is required that they check-in at least 1 hour before the flight departs.

Hence, this was the complete information regarding the various policies and booking process for Aeromexico Airlines Reservations.In case, if the passenger has any queries, they can reach out to the airline representative for assistance.


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