British Airways Reservations Lookup

British Airways – It is one of the largest airlines in United Kingdom because of its fleet size , British Airways base is at London Heathrow Airport . It offers flights from its base at London City Airport to 23 destinations to Europe .The airline although focuses on serving the financial market however now recently it has expanded to the leisure market , it also offers loyalty programmes own as Executive club which is commonly known as executively club .

Services British Airways offers-

· Flights and Holidays

· Executive Club

· Business Travel

· Making travelling easy with the help of the app

British Airways Reservations Process

  • First and Foremost is go on the webpage and open British airways reservations page.
  • from where the customer wants to fly
  • to where the customer wants o fly
  • dates needs to be selected
  • Mention the Flight Class
  • Click from the options Ticket type
  • Choose from the drop down options how any Adults, Children, young adults and Infants are flying, after that hit the search option.
  • Now the customer has to choose from the flights available and then hit continue.
  • Next page will show you the details of the flight along with the price. , one also has the option to change the flights , the page will all the details about the baggage and then in order to proceed tick the option I agree after going through the details and click continue.
  • British Airways will give you the option on this page to book hotels if need be , one can also opt for rent a car , if you wish one can only go for the flights options only .
  • If already register , one can enter the details and proceed ,otherwise one has to it now .

Now the passengers details will have to entered correctly – Title, First name , Last name as its is on the passport , Email address, the mobile number , also tick the option whether the customer is the frequent flyer or not.

Details of the person who is paying -  Who is paying for the booking ,select from the options , email address , confirm the same , is the person paying already a member select from the options now confirm the mobile and hit continue.

Reserve the seat – if one wants can select from the option price will be mentioned or otherwise the person can simply click on the same.

Payment- one can check the flights details  enter the details about the card , Billing address , after entering the details Book and Pay and hence done .

One can do so by simply going on the website or on the phone calling the British Airways reservations department and the representative will do the needful by taking down the details and one can also seek the option of help if one gets stuck midway . 


Frequently Asked Questions About British Airways

Booking in British Airways provides you with the opportunity to earn Frequent Flyer points. Enter your Frequent Flyer information into your account when you book your flights to determine whether they qualify for mileage. Not all reservations participate in the program, but your reservations must qualify, contact British Airways to guarantee you earn your rewards.

British Airways flights offer travellers the best in solace and excitement to make in-flight time lovely and charming. The aircraft has an emphasis on making travellers upbeat and keeping spirits high during
flights with fine TV seeing chances, snacks choices and in-flight exercises flight.

Yes, if you want to change name on ticket or also if you want to completely change the one of traveller you booked is possible over phone call without any charges. But the condition is that your booking is only through the British Airways not through Agents.

If you want compensation after cancellation of British Airways tickets, refundable amount depends on the type of ticket you bought. You can apply for refund through Manage booking of British Airways.

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British Airways Info

British Airways Customer Service: 1 (800) 247-9297
Baggage Tracking: 1 (800) 828-8144

British Airways Hubs
Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport
Top British Airways Airports
  • Heathrow Airport
  • London City Airport
  • London City Airport


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