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Scoot Airlines is a Singaporean low-cost airline that has 51 aircraft in its fleet and covers 67 destinations. Also, being a low-cost carrier, the airline provides flight tickets at cheaper flight fare yet offers world-class services and features. Some of the features that you will get on Scoot Airlines is as follows:

  • To make your journey comfortable and pleasing, the airline offers adjustable seating arrangements with extra legroom.
  • Also, you will be facilitated with unlimited inflight entertainment and full coverage of wifi connectivity. You can also watch the TV series, movies, and listening to music.
  • In addition, you can get your desired meal on the Scoot Airlines reservations. The airline offers a variety of food preferences from which you can opt for the required one. Also, you can customize your meal when you’re on a specified diet.
  • Moreover, for all the frequent flyers of Scoot Airlines are benefitted with miles or reward points that can be utilized to access other services of Scoot Airlines.

Apart from this, the airline offers a flexible baggage policy through which carrying the luggage on Scoot Airlines reservations won’t be an issue for you. After knowing all the information, if you’re willing to make flight reservations on Scoot Airlines, you may go through the given procedure it will help you thoroughly to get your desired seats.

How Do I Make Reservations in Scoot Airlines Flights? Follow the Steps

  • First of all, you should go to the website of Scoot Airlines.
  • On its homepage, choose the Trip Type i.e. return, one-way, multicity.
  • Next, you have to select the destination for your flights and choose the dates to fly on Scoot Airlines reservations.
  • Further, you would require to pick the number of travelers mentioning children, adults, and infants.
  • Also, if you have promocode, use it and click Let's Go! option.
  • As per the provided details, you'll see the available flight option to your destinations, choose the desired one.
  • After that, you're required to enter the contact and passenger information and click the Continue button.
  • On the next page, you'll find the Scoot Airlines reservations payment options, choose the desired payment method and complete the flight ticket purchase.

Once the purchase is completed, you would get the flight booking confirmation along with the booking reference code on the email address that you've provided in the contact information.

Pre-Flight Information - Scoot Airlines Reservations

1) Check-In Information

Airport Check-In

Scoot check-in counters open 3 hours before takeoffs on B787 airplane and 2 hours 30 minutes in front of flights on A320 airplane. Check-in closes an hour preceding booked takeoff for all flights. All travelers are encouraged to land at the airport in any event 2 hours preceding takeoff in request to finish check-in strategies.

Self-Service Kiosks

Scoot has self check-in kiosks situated at Singapore Changi Airport and Melbourne Airport. The kiosks in Singapore are accessible for use from 18 hours and as of recently before planned flight times When you have Scoot Airlines Reservations. The self-service functionality is accessible from 3 hours as of recently before takeoffs leaving from Melbourne Airport.

Online Check-In

Scoot's online check-in is right now only accessible for flights departing from Singapore, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Seoul, Japan and Berlin. Travelers departing from these destinations can't check-in online on the off chance that they are continuing onto a second destination by means of connecting flights. Scoot's online check-in opens 75 hours preceding flight takeoff and closes 1 hour before planned flight.

Online check-in is only accessible for individual or gathering voyagers (including trip specialist bookings), visitors with only carry-on or check-in baggage, and bookings made through, Scoot Call Centre or outsider travel sites in Scoot Airlines Reservations.

2) Baggage

Carry-On Baggage

Scoot Economy Class travellers are allowed to two things of carry-on baggage, with a combined load of up to 10kg. Economy Class travellers may buy an extra 7kg carry-on baggage remittance. Scoot Plus travellers may likewise carry two things, with a combined weight not exceeding 15kg. These two things may include either a workstation or tote. All carry-on baggage must stick to 54cm x 38cm x 23cm dimensions.

Checked Baggage

Scoot's Economy travellers (Fly Bag and Fly Bag Eat) are allowed 20kg of checked baggage, and Scoot Business travellers (Scoot Plus) can check baggage weighing up to 30kg. All travellers can buy an additional recompense of up to 40kg of baggage online; anyway a single checked sack can't surpass 32kg. The whole of the length, width and stature of each checked sack ought not to surpass 158cm when you have booked in Scoot airlines or having Scoot Airlines Reservations.

3) In-Flight Experience

In-Flight Entertainment

Scoot Airlines Reservations in-flight entertainment is accessible for buy on-load up B787 armada airplane for Fly, Fly Bag and Fly Bag Eat travelers. Scoot Plus travelers may stream motion pictures and TV shows to their own gadgets where accessible.


Meals are not included in Scoot Fly and Fly Bag tolls, however might be bought online or on-load up for an additional charge in Scoot Airlines Reservations. Scoot Fly Bag Eat travelers get a hot dinner while in-flight, and Scoot Plus travelers get a superior supper with decision of drink (including mixed refreshments) as a major aspect of their airfare.

The Scoot in-flight supper menu includes options, for example, nasi lemak, chicken tikka masala, hamburger and mushroom lasagne, and madras curry with basmati rice. Travelers can purchase wraps, filled croissants, sandwiches, frozen yogurt and chips for a light feast. What's more, in case you're traveling for a unique occasion, Scoot offers an indulgent chocolate cherry mousse cake that can be requested ahead of time. Meals are not halal ensured except if expressed.

4) Cabin Class

Economy Class

Travelers travelling in Scoot's Economy Class have the option to add-on to their seat, from additional items, for example, meals, checked baggage remittance, WiFi and additional legroom. These additional items can be acquired individually, or might be included as a component of a worth pack IN Scoot Airlines Reservations, for example, Fly Bag or Fly Bag Eat. Fly Bag furnishes Economy travelers with their seat and 20kg of checked baggage, and a Fly Bag Eat admission includes an economy seat, 20kg of checked baggage, and a hot dinner with a refreshment.

For flights worked on Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the normal Scoot Economy seat pitch is 31 inches; the seat width normal is 18 inches. The Economy situates on Airbus 320 services normal 20.5-inch pitch and 28-inch width. Economy Class travelers may move up to Super seats that have movable headrests and up to 34-inch seat pitch, or Stretch seats, which accompany 34-inch pitch, customizable headrests and front line location.

Scoot likewise offers a ScootinSilence zone, a selective and quiet cabin situated at the front of each 787 Dreamliner. The seats here have customizable headrests, and are accessible to save in Super or Stretch where accessible.

Business Class

Scoot's Business Class tickets through Scoot Airlines Reservations, known as ScootPlus, guarantees agreeable cowhide seats with twofold the legroom, an exceptional dinner with a decision of refreshment (includes mixed drinks), need check-in and boarding, and in-seat power ports, depending on the airplane ScootPlus travelers additionally get 30MB of complimentary WiFi to stream motion pictures and TV shows where accessible. The ScootPlus situates on Boeing 787 airplane have in any event 38 inches of legroom, 22 inches seat width, up to 6 inches seat recline, and completely customizable headrests and legrests.

Book Your Seats on Scoot Airlines Flight Anytime

Your flight booking will not be troublesome for you. And you can enjoy the journey with Scoot Airlines. Moreover, if you find it problematic and need assistance from Scoot Airlines reservations experts. You can get it anytime from anywhere as the support team works around the clock. In addition, your flight can be booked on your behalf without much of a stretch.

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