Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort Reservations

How do I make Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort Reservations?

Crowne Plaza is a distinguished name and is composed of a chain of ultra-luxurious resorts and hotels across the globe. The veracious facilities/amenities offered to the guests in the vicinity of the hotels make it a popular option among its contemporaries. Crowne Plaza is spread throughout the world and is known for the services it provides in hotel and resorts industry. Crowne Plaza is a renowned name when it comes to the hospitality industry. Consisting of many hotels, resorts with rooms in almost every variant throughout the world.

What type of rooms are offered at Crown Plaza hotel chains?

If you have experienced the Crowne Plaza experience by staying at the hotel, then you will acknowledge the fact that Crowne Plaza offers the best and luxurious rooms that are spacious enough to hold all the amenities that aim to provide a relishing experience to the travellers or guests.

The rooms offered at Crowne Plaza are segregated into varied categories providing various amenities and facilities.

Additional facilities and perks at Crowne Plaza

  • With your Crowne Plaza reservations, the tourists staying at Crowne Plaza get a chance to indulge in varied activities ranging from Spa, gymnasium and other enthralling outdoor activities that not only offer a delightful experience but you also get to experience the great amenities that are a part of your reservation with Crowne Plaza and aims at providing a scintillating experience.
  • The planning team at Crowne Plaza assists you with party planning so that you are able to host wonderful events for birthdays, anniversaries and so on. This also includes planning for corporate events that could be indulgent and have long-lasting impressions of your holidays at Crowne Plaza.

In order to make Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort reservations, the tourists are advised to refer to the step by step guide mentioned down under or connect via Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort phone number:

  • For making hotel and resort reservations, the travellers and the tourists are advised to enter the following: in your browser. 
  • To proceed with the reservations, the passengers are required to scroll down on the homepage to reach the hotel reservation bar. 
  • To begin, you are required to enter the destination that you are planning to travel to. It could be a destination or an airport.
  • Select the duration of your stay by selecting the dates from the scroll down menu for your stay at Crowne Plaza.
  • Next, you are required to select the room type that you would like to stay in. After selecting the room also mention the number of guests that are going to accompany you on your stay at Crowne Plaza. 
  • After providing all the necessary and required details, the users are then supposed to hit the ‘Search Hotel’ option. 
  • You will be redirected to yet another page, where the travellers are required to select the hotel from the chain of Crowne Plaza hotels that are reflected on the search page. 
  • Choose a room(s) and then proceed with the payment.

After successful completion of the payment, you will get notified on your registered email address or phone number. You can pay a fraction of the amount using your debit or credit card and the rest can be cleared at the hotel. You will receive your hotel reservation id. Keep it intact as you are required to present the same at the time of check-in at the hotel. Either keep a screenshot or download it and print it later.

Although, it has the roots from United Kingdom but is not limited to that place only. It has built its chain across the world and has maintained a very good network with both the management and the customers. If you are looking for making a reservation at crowne plaza, you can do so with the help of below-mentioned points-

Online-  You can make a reservation online, by visiting the official website of Crowne Plaza which is know by the name of IHG, as it is a part of IHG. All you need to do is just visit the official website of Crowne Plaza, input your credentials, make a search and it will show the results best suited to you.

Email- You can also mail Crowne Plaza for making an online reservation with them by writing an email, mentioning all the credentials for the persons who will be staying in the hotel or resort.

Social Media- You can also contact Crowne Plaza on their social media platforms like their social media handles on Facebook or Twitter and make a reservation through an online platform as well.

Ticketing Agency- You can contact a ticketing agency as well for booking or making a reservation for the room of hotel or resorts with Crowne Plaza.

Hotel Premises- The old school way of just visiting the hotel premises and inquiring at the ticketing counter for the booking and reservation.

Phone Call- The most efficient way of making a booking or reservation at Crowne Plaza is with the help of making a phone call to the reservation department of the hotel or resort. You can confirm or cancel your booking on the phone as well.

The above mentioned points will help you if you are looking for the ways of crowne plaza hotel and resort reservations in a hassle free manner.



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