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Motel 6 is a hospitality company founded in 1962 by a private North American motel chain in Santa Barbara, California. It was founded in 1962 by building contractors William Becker and Paul Greene. Motel 6 is located in more than 800 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Motel 6 is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, United States with almost 1430 locations. More information on the facilities offered by Motel 6, the Motel 6 reservations process, how do contact Motel 6 hotel phone number and the customer services can be gathered from below.

Brief descriptions of the Motel 6 hotel's facilities?

Motel 6 offers individuals an open, calming and pleasant experience with many fantastic facilities described below.

·       Clean, cozy rooms for providing the wonderful experience to the guests. In a room with a single king, queen or double bed, the maximum number of people permitted is 2.

·       Many free utilities, including free local calls, coffee in the morning, cable TV.

·       Stay free for children under 17 years of age while sharing a room with an adult member of the family.

·       Availability of non-smoking rooms and access to free Wi Fi.

·       In most of the Motel 6 locations, guest laundry facilities and swimming pools are open.

·       Motel 6 offers the facility to customers who are willing to bring a pet with them during their stay at the hotel.

What is the method for booking Motel 6 hotel?

Motel 6 hotel offers guests the service of making a reservation by calling their booking center or by visiting the website to book with them. If you are willing to make a Motel 6 booking through the website, you can learn the easy method from below.

·       Go to the Motel 6 official website on a browser

·       Then enter your destination name in assigned field

·       Next you need to select the suitable dates for booking a room

·       Then provide the adult and children guest details

·       After that, you can select an special rate option

·       Hereafter, hit go to check the hotel availability

·       Then you can choose a suitable hotel and proceed to the payment window

·       At last, make final payment for your hotel booking

How do you get Motel 6 Hotel customer service?

You may simply contact the Motel 6 Hotel customer service for any inquiries by calling them or sending an email. To know more precise details about contacting Motel 6 phone number through the website, you can learn the easy method from below.

·       Initially, you need to locate the toll-free phone number of Motel 6 hotel for connecting to the customer service team. Then you can speak to a live agent from Motel 6 customer service center who addressed your query in most appropriate manner.  

·       You can also visit the Motel 6 official website and launch the live chat portal for communicating to a customer service executive regarding any query.

·       You can also send an email to the registered email ID of Motel 6 hotel by writing down the issue you are looking forward to get resolved.

Complete specifics of the Motel 6 hotel, the facilities they provide to the guests, the Motel 6 reservations process and information about how to contact customer services are given above. In addition, by calling Motel 6 hotel customer service phone number or center, you can also get more detail about the services provided by them. You may also send an email to the customer service team of Motel 6 to register a complaint or to ask them for any inquiries regarding the services they provide to their guests related to Motel 6 reservations .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • How Many Motel 6 Locations have?

    Motel 6 is a private firm that provides hospitality. They operate in two countries, America and Canada. It is been more than 50 years, they are providing the services. There are more than 1430 locations where one can find its chain.

  • Who Is bascially Motel 6 Owned By?

    It is a private firm that is not operated by a single person. It is managed by a group known as The Blackstone Group. Though, the key person is Rob Palleschi which is also the CEO of this firm. This whole group helps others to create Motels and rooms at very affordable prices.

  • How much does It Cost to pay to Stay in a Motel?

    The cost of a stay in a Motel varies and depends on the days and night you stay. Though, there is an average cost, which can be varying from $45 to $100 per night. You can book the Motel by Motel 6 Phone Number and learn more about the cost.

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