Which is better to book Hotel Directly or through a Travel Agent?

Guide on which is better to book hotel directly or through a travel agent-

People nowadays have started believing that ‘Cheaper is better’ but that’s not the case every time. If you’re planning to go on a trip with your friends, family and you consider making the trip a bit cheaper by just buying packages instead of making a booking directly with the hotel, you are horribly mistaken. Just for sake of making your stay at a hotel cheaper, you tend to miss out on a lot of minute details.
Booking a Hotel directly is far better than booking through a travel agent. To help you understand; go through the below mentioned points-

Cancellation- A lot of travel agencies, charge a sum of amount if you’re planning to cancel your reservation at a particular hotel booked through them. They won’t provide a full refund, whereas they will also charge you for canceling the reservation.
If you book directly via Hotel, even if you cancel your reservation due to some uncertain event, you’ll get credit points for the future reservation at the hotel.

Refunds- Even from a hotel, getting a full-fledged refund in the mode of payment done by you is near to impossible. And just think about it, will the travel agent really wish to go an extra mile for your hard-earned money, when it is so difficult to claim a refund for the hotel itself, the travel agency won’t really be going an extra mile for that.

Elite Credit- If you are a regular commuter and you are thinking about making a booking directly with the hotel or through a travel agent, then you should really go with making a reservation directly. As, you’ll be missing out with all the elite credit points which you won’t get while making a reservation through a travel agent whereas if you book directly, you can redeem all the elite credit points on your next visit and can also get discounts on your facilities of your credit or debit cards.

Customer Service- The kind of customer service which you’ll be getting on booking directly with the Hotel won’t be provided to you by the travel agencies as they are just fixated on earning their money. They are not worried about the level of comfort that you’re getting, it’s just they are most focused on making it a pocket friendly trip. Whereas, if you make a reservation directly through hotel, you’ll be provided with excellent level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the conclusion which comes out of the topic which is better to book hotel directly or through a travel agent is that you should always consider making a reservation with the help of contacting the hotel directly rather than getting it done with the help of a travel agent. The extra level of comfort and facilities will only be provided to you if keep in contact with the hotel directly, you’ll be saved from any kind of misguidance from a travel agent. Your queries, your problems can be solved by your own self by contacting the hotel directly.

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