What are the most famous things to visit in Delhi?

Although planning a flight or an excursion alone is not exceptionally fascinating, it can be engrossing. It takes a ton of effort. When you have chosen the destination, Then comes the itinerary and game plans for convenience. If you will probably visit Delhi during your days off, here are a few ideas that would assist you with your schedule. The following are the top places to visit in Delhi that you should consider.

The top things to visit in Delhi are:

  1. Red Fort
  2. Qutab Minar
  3.  Lodi Gardens
  4. India Gate
  5. .National Museum

Red Fort

Red Fort depicts the time of Mughal in India. It is a heavenly monument enthralls your attention and demonstrates the Mughals' architectural magnificence. The 33-meter-long walls are one more extraordinary component of the place.

Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.

Tickets: The entry charge is 35 INR for Indians and 500 INR for outsiders. 

Opening Timings: Open Tue to Sunday.

Qutab Minar

The biggest and the tallest tower in India, and one of the top places to visit in Delhi, Qutab Minar, is accepted to honor the triumph and the start of Mughal time in India. India's first mosque is at the foot of Qutab Minar with the name of Quwwat-ul-Islam.

Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.

Tickets: 30 INR for locals and for the outsiders.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day from dawn till nightfall.

Lodi Gardens

If you desire a calm day to get away from the group,  this is where you should be in Delhi. Lodi Gardens was implicit 1936 by the British. The 90-section of land Garden is a magnificent spot to explore.

Famous for: History, Monuments, Gardens, Photography.

Tickets: No charge.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day from dawn to nightfall.

India Gate

India Gate was built in 1931 as a conflict remembrance for the north of 70,000 troopers killed during the First World War. The names of all the troopers are recorded on the walls of India Gate.

Famous for: War remembrance, Architecture, Indian Army.

Tickets: Free.

Opening Timings: Open throughout the day.

National Museum

National Museum looks at Indian History, right from pre-human progress time. It is one of India's biggest historical centers, with antiques from Harappan human progress to British local time.

Famous for: History, Relics, Educational.

Tickets: 20 INR for Indians, 650 INR for Foreigners, and free for younger students.

Opening Timings: Open daily except for Monday from 10 am to 6 pm.

In this way, these places, as mentioned above, are the top places to visit in Delhi, attracting N number of tourists for many years because of their unique qualities and attractions. However, when you see these places, you make sure to return with great memories.

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