Why America and Oda Countries Dey impose COVID testing for visitors from China?

Currently, several nations are imposing restrictions on travelers from China, with only one account of a downpour in COVID-19 infections. Many countries have rolled back their strength with the zero-COVID policy due to new cases of the Coronavirus. There are new provisions in travel advisory for air passengers after two years of age and older traveling to the United States from China, Hong Kong, Seoul, Toronto, and Vancouver who have been in China in the past ten days.

Decision of Global city:

Beijing has declared to reopen its borders in the following weeks. So, if you plan to travel to India, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan, they have signed the travel advisory for the COVID test is mandatory. But Australia and the UK are just expecting to arrange the new rule for travelers who have to start the journey from China.

Get certain facts before making your travel plan from China:

  • The world has been closed for three years due to this havoc pandemic, but now china has clearly said to reopen its border to start the journey to various destinations.
  • Currently, people are getting affected by COVID-19, which has been upgraded to spread at a high rate in China and started the new air restriction to fly to other destinations.
  • There is a daily report of about 5000 COVID cases a day, but the days are undercounted, and the case is closed after a one million report of COVID-affected patients.
  • According to the reports, hospitals are occupied with COVID patients, and residence of China struggle to find essential medicines for treatment.
  • COVID test has become imperative in the US, India, Japan, and other countries for those coming from China, Hong Kong, and Macau.  

China has stopped publishing daily COVID figures of cases and death. Nation are worried about new variants emerging from China; counting the outbreak is pending to claim by the governments.