Delta Airlines is planning to obtain more than 4000 Flight Attendants

It is a bit struggling to find the best opportunities related to the career opportunities. But what if we inform you that getting the job of your dreams includes travel experiences, meeting with new people, exploring new places, etc.? This is what Delta Airlines have for all the aspirants out there. 

If you are considering such an opportunity, hold your abilities in hand as the Atlanta-based Delta Airlines is hiring more than 4,000 flight attendants. Jennifer Martin, Managing Director – IFS CX, Learning and Hiring, exclaimed that “This is a historic year for flight attendant hiring, as we plan to grow our team by more than 4,000. We’re excited to keep the momentum going and welcome more trainees for classes through the end of the year” The number of attendants they want is big in number, and if you are filling the requirements, you can become a part of the Delta team.

According to delta airlines, 1,940 new hires have come on board since February. They invite new attendees by claiming that they can become a member of their team if they are passionate about new places, adventure, and creating memories.

If we start to discuss the eligibility criteria for this job, the Attendants should at least have a high scroll diploma, GED, or high school equivalency; they must be available to work in the U.S. and will be able to speak, write and read English language fluently. The applicants need to be at least 21 years of age, when they are submitting their application. Make sure that the applicants fulfill all the criteria that Delta Airlines have set for this job.

The one thing that the Airline wants from its new joiners is that they should be flexible and not have any issues flying both domestic and international flights. 

Delta Airlines need bilingual attendants who can speak these languages: Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Greek, German, Italian, and French. The applicants need to know one of these languages with English. It is mandatory as Delta Airlines wants the best services for its passengers and cannot compromise with it. 

With the demand for exceptional services for the passengers, the Airlines showed concern for their attendees as well when they exclaimed that they would also “ensure the safety and comfort of all customers while providing exceptional service.” 

The applicants who will successfully be able to go through the whole procedure can be one of the flight attendants at Delta Airlines. The Atlanta Delta team will help the applicants in going through the whole procedure with utmost energy and urgency.