Delta carrier made an emergency landing in North Carolina with 96 others screeching across the runway

Delta flight has avoided a disaster by making an emergency landing with 96 passengers across the runway in North Carolina. It was Wednesday when a sudden screeching sound entered the radar room, and that was a Delta flight that made an impeccable move to save every passenger from any type of mishap at Airport Charlotte Douglas International in North Carolina. According to the reports, it was a Boeing 717 with two pilots and three flight attendants with 96 passengers hit at the ground in north carolina turbulently; its front landing gear was not properly deployed; fortunately, there are no injuries reported yet.

A video has been recorded by one of the fellow passengers who was present in the aircraft at the time of this remarkable landing. The video itself describes how nervous and silent the passengers are, as well as how they are holding the seats in front of them. Some of the passengers rested their heads against them to avoid any kind of heavy impact.

The man said, "That was not bad at all," when the plane hit the runway and screeched to a halt.

Other passengers have tweeted about this "not so sweet moment" and thanks later to the Delta flight. The plane landed not so smoothly, but still, there were no big issues reported. Other than this, the video maker also tweeted that he is thankful to the god and almighty to protect him from facing any kind of odds. Delta pilots are in everyone's eyes because they have put their lives in danger and made a flamboyant landing in such a way that there is no casualty across the runway.

Gibbs has posted footage where we can see that all the fellow passengers are quietly walking away from the plane and aircraft, marveling at the aircraft's nose-down positioning.

According to the Delta technical team, nose gear malfunctions are rare. Still the team has started an investigation to avoid any kind of technical issue in the future. The landing of the Delta flight happened without its front landing gear. The staff meeting has been held so that any kind of technicality can be resolved. But for now, no other reasons are appearing because of why this crash landing happened.

Every passenger on the flight is very happy and sighs of relief after the landing encounters. Their belongings and their luggage are safe. The valuable time that they give to Delta flights was worth it because the airline has proved that with the best team and helpful staff, Delta can make it happen in every possible situation.

All the passengers are provided with a lounge area where they can take a rest, and the airline team gives refreshments to those passengers who might be hungry after this dangerous scenario.

Delta Airlines has passed the statement that "nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people". Though it's a rare scenario, the Delta flight team trained to face these kinds of scenarios, and flight 1902 landed safely with no casualties reported