Southwest proffer attractive gift of Travel for Medical Patients And Caregivers

Mar 2, 2021

Southwest Airlines Co. : (NYSE: LUV) revealed today that it has donated 7,500 roundtrip tickets to support people who need to fly for life-saving or advanced medical treatment. Southwest's Medical Transportation Grant Program offered tickets to more than 75 nonprofit hospitals and medical transportation organizations around the country, helping them to get patients and caregivers closer to critical medical care. 

Laura Nieto, Director of Community Outreach, said, “We have a passion for making a positive difference in the communities we represent”. “Along with our medical transportation grant program, southwest plan to soothe patients and health workers from the responsibility of air travel, permit them to focus on medical recovery and treatment”. Southwest is assisting hospitals in 26 states this year, giving patients and their caregivers access. 

Jill Hoggard Green, PhD, RN, President and CEO of The Queen's Health Systems in Honolulu, Hawaii, said, "Southwest's generous gesture of aloha provides much-needed assistance to patients and their families who travel for vital medical care. "The Queen's Health Systems is one of two new hospital organizations in Hawaii to join Southwest's Medical Transportation Grant Program in 2021."By making health care more available, Southwest's donation offers assistance and peace of mind where it is most needed." Southwest has contributed almost $39 million in transportation benefits since the service began in 2007, easing the financial strain of travel for over 96,000 patients and caregivers.


Southwest Airlines is one of the most well-known airlines in the world, with a triple bottom line strategy that focuses on the carrier's success and competitiveness, the value of its people and the communities they represent, and a dedication to sustainability and the environment. They are known to treat their customers honestly and fairly. They do not charge the change fees. Though the difference is chargeable. Visit to learn more about how the airline gives back to communities around the world. 

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