Why American Airlines Flight Attendants Picket Across the US?

Flight attendants of American Airlines had marched at Dallas Fort-worth international airport and demanded to improve the working condition with good pay. The flight attendants have changed from COVID-19 time, and they didn’t find relaxation from a stable job and good salaries and seeking their life more miserable than before. One week before the busiest holiday of the year found something wrong with the in-person or group of flight attendants in the task and paying process. They have crucial demand for the hick in the salary and other essential things they need in the plane during their working time. Many flight attendants were protecting against the employer of American Airlines and asking for the better schedules, raises and amended working conditions instantly.

Focusing on the improvises of work and raises:

A firm decision to picket at DFW occurred in just one of 11 protests in the United States. It happened at nearly a dozen bases nationwide on Tuesday over issues with contract negotiations where they can grab their deal with the official person. American Airlines Flight Attendants Picket Across the U.S., represented by the association of professional flight attendants who urged the management rejects the contract proposals and focus on improving the work condition professionally. Currently, many flight attendants are working under the contract proposal that became amendable in 2019, according to the APFA.  

Flight attendants never signed any new deal:

The last time American Airlines signed a new contract before the pandemic, it worked well with excellent job conditions and high raises. Everyone was happy to perform the task happily with hick in the salaries. But at the end of this year, they are looking for raises and good work conditions, which are not expected to improve soon before the contract proposal. They don’t want to be signed and are confronting various situations, as mentioned below.

  1. They are not paid for the delays and don’t get any fresh meals, which increases the level of enormous frustration.
  2. They don’t expect to get compensation when they find any mishap, and they want to grow their salary as living life is increasing high day by day.
  3. Strike action is unavoidable, and staff members are deserved the demanded, but the senior persons ignore them.
  4. Many flight attendants and pilots are in trouble due to flight delays and scheduling changes; they all need a better scheduling system if none is ready to pay extra.
  5. It is hard to rework the scheduled during a period of high cancellation, and it makes a normal position makes the task tedious for flight attendants.

It is updated new for the AFPA asked by Americans for better pay and better flexibility during scheduling. It has new proposals which include at least 13 days off in a 31-day, RSV month flex day pattern without restriction and other facilities essential to allow for flight attendance during job hours every time.