Women Shine in Twenty Cinematic Hits Featured This Month in Flight

Celebrating women's history month is such an honour and also inflight entertainment in American Airlines ,after playing on board American flights within 20 over beloved female -driven which movie hits such as little women ,Mulan and the popular hidden figures.

All the entertainment on board the flight is without any  cost, and with upto 600 movies ,amazing full of books library and more TV shows.Passengers can easily get free entertainment on their smartphones ,laptops, tablets, ipads.you have to enable airplane mode and connect the given signal from entertainment purpose accessed which is American Airlines app you have also another one in option aainflight.com.

American Airlines feel honour to accomplishments of women for their rich and shocking history , we are curious to tell you in a year there are so many roles and responsibilities to conjure, the words said by Clarissa Sebastian , the  managing director of the premium customer service experience also onboard articles .American Airlines always invite all the passengers to celebrate Women's History Month with and celebrate with relax and enjoyable nature and with very amazing movies collection. 

The Airline works with their employee , business groups above 20 groups made up and more than 27,000 team members of American Airlines also.which represents their various backgrounds ,including their traditional experiences for highlighting the movie which was celebrated because of their inflight entertainment.

There are more than 20 movies  collection which will be featured on the occasion of Women's History Month in march featuring more movies channels . We are attached to a few of the highlights

Little Women released  (2019)

The famous jo  march reflects her life in the movie the movie is based on March sisters , which all are four young women's  shows their determination towards their life .And live their life with their own terms and conditions.

Mulan released  2020)

For the love of family and her county she fought fearlessly to become a legendary chinese warrior ,at a very young age.

Hidden Figures released (2017)

A different and wonderful team of black female mathematicians at NASA helped in every situation specially to win the space race and advance the quest against equality.

Save Yourselves! Raelesd (2020)

As high , technology-dependent Brooklyn couple Jack and Su spend so much  time in an isolated cabin for the unplugging , they both dont know about the conditions of the planet that is under attack.

Marea Alta (High Tide)released  (2020)

When a girl Lura’s lover is missing with a contractor, it's the peak when  tension  begins rising .