Gardens by the bay Singapore

Gardens by Bay Singapore is one of the most traveled destinations by visitors. Unlike any other tourist attraction, this place has several attractions to explore in a single place. Refer to the forthcoming section to get important information about this beautiful destination.

What is so special about Gardens by the Bay?

Gardens by the Bay have the following special sites to explore for visitors:

Cloud forest: This place is known to have the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Also, it has maintained lush green mountains having plants from all over the world. If you wish to explore some of the most exotic plant species, then you can enjoy visiting this place and witness the view through a unique aerial walkway. You can visit this place anytime from 9a m to 9 pm For adults admission fee is $ 53.
Floral fantasy: If you are a flower admirer, you must visit this place and explore amazing floral arrangements. This place is open on weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm.
Flower dome: Spend time with your family in this beautiful outdoor Garden. You can indulge yourself in various activities under the sun. If you are into adventures, you can explore kingfisher wetland trails & witness diverse ecosystems & a large variety of plants. It is open from 5 am to 2 pm. And admission is free.
Supertree observatory: This place holds the tallest Supertree canopy. The view becomes more mesmerizing during the light shows that happen twice daily. You can visit this area from 9 am to 9 pm & the fee is $14 for adults.

Services provided by Gardens by Bay Singapore:

This place offers various services to visitors. Some of the most common are mentioned below:

How much is entry to Gardens by Bay Singapore?

The entry fee to Gardens by Bay Singapore differs according to the various section of the place; refer to the information given in the forthcoming section to get an idea of different rates:

For cloud forest: $53 & $40 for non-residing Singapore adult & child travelers for $27 and $23 for Singapore visitors.
For floral fantasy: $20 & $12 for non-residing Singapore adult & child travelers for $10 and $5 for Singapore visitors.
For Flower dome: $53 & $40 for non-residing Singapore adult & child travelers for $35 and $27 for Singapore visitors.
For supertree observatory: $14 & $10 for non-residing Singapore adult & child travelers, $10 and $6 for Singapore visitors.

What is the best time to visit Gardens by Bay Singapore?

If you are in Singapore or you are planning to visit the destination anytime soon, then you must not skip visiting Garden by the Bay Singapore. If you are searching for the best time to visit this beautiful destination, then you must go through the important points given below:

An early morning visit is best to experience nature at its best.

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