American Airlines Cancellation Policy

What are the steps involved in American airlines Cancellation Policy

American Airlines is a US based airline company headquartered in Fort Worth, Taxas. It has the largest fleet size of 900+ and the company operates in 300+ destinations across the world. American Airlines cancellation policy depends on the various factors, given below are some of the important factors that you should now.

    1. American Airlines allows you to make cancellations for your flight booking before 24 hours of your flight departure date. You can request for refund after you have made your cancellation.
    2. Refund for your booking cancellations will be reflected into your bank account with in the 4-5 days.
    3. The booking reservations must be made before 2 days of the flight departure.
    4. You will receive the refund for either refundable or non-refundable flights, if you cancel your reservations before 24 hours of flight departure.
    5. Refunds against cancellations are only issued, if the booking is made on American Airlines official website.
    6. American airlines cancellation policy is not applicable for non-air services of your booking packages.

Steps for cancelling American Airlines flight online

If you want to cancel your flight then you can follow the steps given below to do it.

    1. To cancel your flight without any hassle, you can visit the official American Airline website.
    2. Scroll to the middle of the web page and click on the “Your Trips” option.
    3. Now enter the following details in their respective text field
    4. Passenger’s first and last name.
    5. Digit reservation number which you have received on your booking confirmation email.
    6. Click on the “Find Reservation” option to find your booking reservations.
    7. Once you have found your booking itinerary, scroll to the cancel flight option to cancel your booking.

To know more about the American Airlines cancellation policy you can always contact American Airlines customer support and the concerned professional will help you with all of your queries and complaints.

Latest travel updates of American Airlines concerning Coronavirus

All of us are aware of the novel Coronavirus outbreak and how it has impacted the airline industry due to numerous traveling restrictions. Likewise, American Airlines has settled specific travel guidelines while taking care of the courses concerning the safety of passengers from Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, recent Coronavirus related travel updates of American Airlines cancellation policy while maintaining passenger's well-being and safety are as described in the points below.

American Airlines has extended the fee waiver for applying changes in existing and new bookings in between 30th June to 30th September 2020

  1. Passengers can rebook a travel latest until 31st December and any ticket price difference is refunded to them
  2. Passenger has the liberty to change their origin or arrival destination as per new updates
  3. Unused ticket value that is expiring within 1st March to 30th September 2020 can be used against a new travel up to 31st December 2020
  4. According to the recent flight cancellation update of  American Airlines passenger can simply cancel flight through online channel, plus they can contact them later while rebooking
  5. Basic economy ticket holder who have booked the same prior to 30th June 2020 can also cancel their booking and rebook it later
  6. Moreover, face covering is essential for all the American Airlines travellers except from the very small child or the one who is prevented due to some health conditions

Hence, American Airlines cancellation policy as well as the flight change policy is updated by the authority as per the information given above, as a result of people’s safety from Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, being an American Airlines passenger you should not bother about calling them at the time of applying changes in your flight as you can settle it later while re-booking a journey. 


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