How can i Change my Flight Date Iberia?

Have you confirmed booking with Iberia Airlines and due to some unavoidable reason you need to make changes to your booking flight date Iberia? Then, you will be glad to know that Iberia Airlines has a separate provision that offers an option to the travelers to modify their booking and change their booking before the departure of the flight.

However, before heading on with the process to change the flight date for the Iberia Airlines booking, the traveler needs to abide by certain rules defined under the flight change policy or contact Iberia airlines flight change phone number. And for the users who are not aware of the flight change guidelines, they can check out the pointers discussed.

Guidelines to Change Flight Date on Iberia Airlines

For those who have a query, can I change my flight date Iberia? Well, as per the Iberia airlines flight change policy, one can modify the date for their Iberia Airlines flight tickets. Still, one needs to consider the following pointers that include:

  • For the date change service, it is required that the flight ticket was confirmed online or via the airline booking department.
  • All changes to the itinerary can be made up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • Changes to the flight ticket are dependent on the fare type and other related conditions.
  • Further, to confirm the alternative flight, the traveler needs to make payment for the extra fare.
  • Besides, if the fare of the original fare is less than the current fare, then the excess fare will be provided as a refund to the traveler.

Thus, these are the few guidelines that one needs to abide by before heading on with the procedure to resolve the query of can I change my Iberia flight or not. Moreover, to help out the travelers with the Iberia airlines flight change policy, one can check out the details mentioned below.

The Procedure to Change Flight Date with Iberia Airlines

For the travelers who are looking for the details on the way to change flight date Iberia airlines, the travelers can check out the detailed steps mentioned here and manage or change their booking in time.

  • For the flight change process of Iberia, the traveler needs to click on the manage booking tab.
  • Then, the traveler can provide the details of the bookings confirmed with the airline.
  • Further, the traveler can check if the booking is eligible for the booking or not.
  • Now, the traveler can select the flight change option and pick an alternate flight for their booking.
  • After that, the traveler can verify the fare for their booking and proceed.
  • Now, the traveler can select the online payment option and confirm the alternative booking with the airlines.

Besides, for any reason, if the traveler fails to confirm the alternative flight, the traveler can reach out to the airline booking department to seek more info on can I change my flight date Iberia and change/manage their booking in time, and plan out a hassle-free journey.

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