Can I fly Delta airlines without a Covid Vaccine?

Wondering: Can I fly Delta without a Covid-19 vaccine? Go through the Guide below.

As we all know, covid-19 pandemic has broadly affected the airline industry. There are various challenges and changes that need to be taken by the airlines. The airlines have a number of choices and decisions to make especially when it comes to safety. From what kind of concepts should be made to every kind of safety measures for the passengers, it is indeed very challenging for the airlines to manage their services.

Most of you wonder “ can I fly Delta airlines without a Covid vaccine?” If you are looking forward to travelling with Delta airlines, you must take all the precautions that need to be taken during this pandemic. Safety is not only important for the passengers but also the nearest staff that is working around at the airport.

If you are thinking about whether you can travel in Delta airlines without a covid vaccine so, for your information, No you cannot travel in Delta Airlines without a covid vaccine. All non-US citizens should be fully vaccinated while travelling with the Delta airlines and should carry their vaccination certificate with them.

Following guidelines must be taken care of while travelling in Delta Airlines:

  1. Passengers who have Negative covid-19 reports with them are only allowed to travel in the flights.
  2. If the passengers do not have Covid-1- test report with them, they can get their covid-19 test at the airport itself. Passengers are responsible for the charges of their test reports.
  3. The covid-19 test reports that you carry along with you should be a fresh covid-19 test report that means 48 hours before the departure.
  4. Fully vaccinated passengers are only allowed inside the flight regardless of the fact that you are travelling in a delta domestically or internationally.
  5. If you have already recovered from covid-19 and are likely to travel in Delta airlines, you are only allowed inside the flight with your fully vaccinated certificate.
  6. Entry inside the Delta airlines is strictly restricted for the passengers who are not fully vaccinated that means who do not get their 1st and 2nd dose of vaccination.

So, the above guidelines are here to let you know if you are planning your trip with Delta Airlines. If you are thinking “ Can I fly Delta airlines without a Covid-19 vaccine?” Then, for your information, yes you do require a full vaccination proof while travelling in the Delta airlines. Keeping in mind, the safety of the passengers and the other service staff you interact with on flight. Delta airlines made some strict rules and regulations for safe and secure travel.

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