Can I use my free Spirit Airlines miles for someone else?

Does Spirit Airlines allow you to use its miles for someone else?

Spirit Airlines provides a flexible booking facility to its customers, but it does not allow you to transfer your miles to someone else. But, the airline understands that you might need to help others which is why it allows you to pool your miles points.

So, stop browsing answers, for can I use my free Spirit airlines miles for someone else? Here can guide you efficiently about everything regarding Spirit Miles and how you can use them.

Things to know about Spirit Miles!

Spirit Airlines does not require a traveler to be its Frequent Flyer to earn the miles points. You can pool your existing points to use in the flight booking of someone you know of; point pooling at Spirit Airlines allows you to combine the Spirit Airlines free miles points with up to eight friends and family.

So No Spirit airline does not allow transferring points between free Spirit accounts. Yes through pooling system you can combine your points easily and use it with family and friends.

  1. Take a look at the given information about Spirit Airlines Miles Program-
  2. You can combine your points with your family members or friends for free, which escalates the reward earning process even more.
  3. Point pooling can be processed by a Pool Pilot- a Free Spirit Member who has Silver/Gold Status or holds a Free Spirit Credit Card.
  4. A pool pilot can redeem their points and benefit up to eight family members and friends by sharing the rewards with them.
  5. You can redeem points for any active member of the Pool, and the airline allows you to benefit others with miles points as low as 2,500. 

These are some necessary details about free Spirit Airlines that you must know before going ahead and subscribing to the program. Well, there are several effective ways through which you can earn Spirit Miles points in real-time!

How can you earn the Spirit Miles?

You must keep access to Spirit Miles points before knowing about can I use my free Spirit miles for someone else? Take a look at the discussed methods that can help you earn points without any trouble-

  1. Sign Up to the Fly Saver
  2. Join the Spirit Savers Club
  3. Apply for the free Spirit Mastercard

You can get free miles points and help someone you know lead a seamless journey by making a good choice. So, choose an option and proceed by leveraging your points onto others!

How to use Spirit Miles for someone else?

To use your free Spirit points for someone else, follow the given steps-

  1. Open the official Spirit Airlines website and book a flight ticket in the name of the passenger you wish to help.
  2. Upgrade your Spirit flight by using the credits given by Spirit Airlines.
  3. Get to the final payment section and select the Redeem A Voucher or Credit option; provide essential details and pay the applicable charges.
  4. Once you complete the transaction, Spirit Airlines sends the passenger’s flight booking confirmation message.

Need to obtain more information about can I use my free Spirit miles for someone else? Try contacting the Spirit Airlines reservation center to make a booking for someone else. Provide essential information to the executive, and they can help you with the booking using your free Spirit miles.


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