Is it necessary to bring a COVID test report to fly on Delta Airlines?

Do I need a Covid test to fly on Delta?

Delta Airlines, also popular as the major airline of the United States of America, is known to provide its services in many countries worldwide. Being a lead provider of international and domestic flights, the airline strives to embrace all the necessary changes to make the journey safer and comfortable.

For the travelers who are wondering, Is it necessary to bring a COVID test report to fly on Delta Airlines?.The answer is yes. All the passengers who booked a flight with Delta Airlines are required to show the negative COVID test report at the time of check-in for their respective Delta flights.

Travel restrictions at Delta Airlines

Ensuring the safety of passengers and employees, Delta Airlines has efficiently introduced all the necessary measures against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Take a look at the measures and protocols initiated by Delta Airlines to provide a safer journey to your preferred destinations-

  1. You need to provide a COVID-19 test result stating that you are negative to the virus and the test was taken within the standard time limit decided by the airline.
  2. The agents at the check-in counter will approve the test document by examining them based on the airline and the government’s strict protocols.
  3. Delta Airlines restricts travelers who have been recently exposed to the virus even if their test documents state that they are fine to travel.
  4. If you are exposed to the virus or got in contact with someone who might have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus in the last ten days from the scheduled departure, you cannot travel with Delta Airlines.
  5. To continue your travel with Delta Airlines, you must present documents stating that you and your travel companions are not exposed directly or indirectly to the virus recently.
  6. If you are fully vaccinated for two weeks or have spent 90 days after recovering from the COVID-19 virus, you are eligible to travel with Delta Airlines without facing any troubles or difficulties.
  7. Delta Airlines strictly prohibits the travel of passengers who are diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus or even have mild symptoms of having it; then, you are not permitted to fly on Delta Airlines.
  8. The airline needs you to upload the health declaration documents before the check-in so that Delta and its professionals can efficiently evaluate travelers' health conditions.
  9. To ensure the safety of fellow travelers and crew members, Delta Airlines has mandated the use of masks throughout the journey.
  10. As per the rules enforced by Delta Airlines, all the employees, partners, and travelers must wear masks all the time until they check out from the airport.
  11. You need to wear a mask during boarding, deplaning, and while continuing your journey with Delta Airlines. Even if you are using public transit, you are required to put on a mask.

You can also take your problem of “do I need a COVID test to fly on Delta” to the Delta Airlines customer service team for immediate assistance. The agent at the airline will guide you with the COVID-19 timeline and other stringent protocols released by the government and Delta Airlines.


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