Does Air Canada compensate for delays

How to claim to compensate for delays in Air Canada?

Suppose you have a booking of Air Canada and you are on your way to the airport. Suddenly, you encounter traffic, which is so irritating. The traffic is so massive that you keep going into the depth of it. At last, you come out missing your Air Canada flight, and after the flight departure, you reach the airport. In such a case, you can compensate Air Canada for the delay. There is a specific policy that passengers need to follow after missing their flight.

Know about compensate for delays in Air Canada

If the Air Canada flight is delayed and the airline controls the situation, after which your Air Canada flight is delayed by three hours or more or gets canceled, you will receive compensation. But, the compensation is for some particular points. Listed below are all the points that you should learn. Check them out.

  1. You will not get compensation if you do not have a confirmed reservation.
  2. If you are informed about the delay or cancelation at least 15 days before the flight’s scheduled departure
  3. If the flight is canceled due to external reasons or safety purposes, you will not get the compensation.
  4. If you have not submitted your claim within one year of Air Canada flight delay or cancelation

Therefore, these are some strict policies that Air Canada suggests for compensation. If you itself missed your flight, then there is some amount that you have to pay after your arrival.

  1. If you arrive at the airport between 3 to 6 hours, you have to pay 400 CAD.
  2. If you arrive between 6 and 9 hours, you have to pay 700 CAD.
  3. For 9 hours and more, you have to pay 1000 CAD.

Steps to claim for compensation on Air Canada

If for any reason, you missed your Air Canada flight, the first thing you need to do then is to claim compensation. However, before declaring, you need to learn about the essential points of applying for it. Provided below are the steps that you need to perform to claim your compensation. Have a look.

  1. First of all, launch the official web portal of Air Canada on your desired web browser.
  2. You will see a “Customer Support” option on the home page that you need to click.
  3. After that, you will go to another page where you will see multiple communication options with the Air Canada representative.
  4. You can chat with them, dial the desired number and talk about the claim with the customer representative, or you can send a post on the postal address of Air Canada.
  5. The live chat option is available on the bottom right corner of the web page, from where you can click on the “Start Chatting” option.
  6. The customer representative will come to you to clear all your doubts.
  7. Also, you can send an email to Air Canada about your compensation.

Final Words

You can easily ask for compensation from Air Canada for delays. Now, you must know Does Air Canada compensate for delay, where you can go through these steps. You can connect with Air Canada customer service for in-detail information. 

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