Does Air Canada give senior discounts

Is it possible to get a senior discount at Air Canada? 

Air Canada is known for its flexible policies and offers that it caters to its travelers. The airline has brought relief for mature travelers by leveraging them with the freedom flyer program. The program is designed to benefit senior citizens who wish to travel by Air Canada.

To benefit as many citizens as possible from the program, the minimum age has been decreased to 60 from 62. Here , you will get an adequate answer: Does Air Canada give senior discounts and get a way around redeeming them.

Things to know about the senior discount available at Air Canada

  1. If you are eligible of benefiting from the senior discount of Air Canada, then you should know everything before redeeming the discount:
  2. There are some noticeable increases in the airfare with the updates made in the senior discount, but most of the changes favor travelers.
  3. The minimum age limit decided by Air Canada to be eligible for the discount is decreased from 62 to 60.

Air Canada is possibly offering a discount of flat 10% on all the fares for the senior citizens.

  1. The fare change policy as per the discount is effective within North America, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.
  2. If the senior passenger has a companion and travels together, then the other passenger is eligible to travel at the same fare.
  3. You should act fast if you need to use the discount offered by the airline as the fares sell out real quick because Air Canada being an across-the-board airline.
  4. Some requirements need to be met if you wish to grab the Multi-Stop program of Air Canada. You can find the details of the Multi-Stop program on the official Air Canada website.
  5. If you wish to get the Multi-Stop program and Single-Trip fare, you need to make an advance purchase for the program.
  6. If you purchase any of the fares, you need to pay $42 instead of $75 to make any changes or cancellations in your reservation.

So yes Air Canada has senior discount policies but these are some of the essential updates made in the Frequent Flyer program for senior citizens. Air Canada keeps in mind the troubles you might face while redeeming the discount, which is why the airline has kept it simple online so that anyone can redeem the discount feasibly.

Steps to redeem the senior discount on Air Canada

  1. Ensure that you are eligible for the discount by looking at the terms and conditions of Air Canada. If you are eligible, follow the given steps to redeem the discount-
  2. Visit the official website of Air Canada to purchase a booking,
  3. Follow all the necessary instructions for booking a flight ticket and proceed towards the payment section.
  4. There, you will find the Apply Code column; click on it.
  5. The available senior discount will be applied to your booking.
  6. Now you can proceed to pay for the recalculated amount to book a flight at Air Canada.

Also, do not shy away from calling the airline and asking them- does Air Canada give senior discounts, and you can get all the details on the call too. The agent will guide you profusely about the senior discount of Air Canada and how you can redeem it in real-time.


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