Does Southwest require Covid Test Report?

Should I carry a COVID test report before flying with Southwest?

Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest low-cost carrier operating in the United States of America, is known for its thoughtful services. The airline is known to care a great deal about the safety measures to provide a safe and sound travel experience even in the time of the pandemic. Southwest Airlines has installed all the relevant equipment and introduced necessary measures to keep its travelers safe.

So, for travelers who are wondering does Southwest require COVID test report, you must bring a negative test report against the COVID-19 virus. Also, there are some protocols released by Southwest Airlines to make your travel even safer and untroubled.

Southwest Airlines policy against COVID-19 virus

Southwest Airlines is endowed with all the safety measures that can help the passengers avoid all the possibilities of getting the virus. The airline monitors all the protocols released by the government very closely, which raises the safety standards of Southwest Airlines. Below mentioned are some of the safety policies instigated by the airline- 

  1. Southwest Airlines mandates every passenger to bring necessary health documents, including the virus test reports and verification certificates, to ensure that the passenger is healthy to continue the journey.
  2. If you are booking international flights with Southwest, you need to follow all the rules and regulations launched by the departing and arrival states government.
  3. A traveler is allowed to cancel their flight if the COVID restriction is interfering with their itinerary. In such a situation, a traveler is entitled to get a full refund from Southwest Airlines.
  4. At the airport, travelers must give their samples for COVID-19 rapid tests, and the crew members might check the temperature upon arrival and departure to keep the health records.
  5. Not only does Southwest require COVID test, but travelers should provide an authentic document validating their health status for at least seven days within the scheduled departure of the Southwest flight. 
  6. The airline strictly examines the covid test reports and checks the temperature to ensure that there is not even a tiny possibility of the virus spreading.
  7. You can receive all the important upgrades and information regarding the COVID-19 policy by contacting the Southwest Airlines customer service team.
  8. If you are boarding on an international flight connecting to or from the US with Southwest Airlines, keep in mind the given points-
  9. You need to submit a written document signed by a registered lab or doctor which clearly states that you are tested negative against the virus and can continue with the journey without any problem.

The American Government has stated clearly that all the members are required to fill in the health declaration form for the group travelers. If you, however, fail to submit the form before you check-in for your flight, make sure that you complete the formalities as soon as possible before onboarding.

So, if you wish to continue your journey with Southwest Airlines and need to know does Southwest require COVID test report, then the answer is yes. You can contact the Southwest Airlines live representative to get further assistance with the existing COVID-19 policies and updates in the travel policy.


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