Does Thai Airways require PCR Tests?

Yes, Thai Airways require PCR tests. If you traveled internationally, it required PCR tests, and the report should be negative. If you are traveling domestically, they need PCR tests. When you book the flight with Thai airways, read their terms and conditions, or you can connect with a live person on a phone call, and they will provide you with all the information about your query. 

Terms and Conditions for Covid Test on Thai Airways

If the traveler wants to know, Do Thai Airways require PCR tests, they must follow the terms and conditions. Thai airways need a PCR test on some destinations, and travelers can check it on the website or connect with the airline representative on a phone call. Here are: 

  • Travelers should be fully vaccinated, and they have to show the certificate at the time of check-in. 
  • You should have a negative report within 72 hours, which applies to all travelers traveling from any country or region.
  • When the traveler makes the booking, they must attach both vaccination certificates.
  • When the passenger does check in, and the temperature recorder shows the temperature is high, they cannot travel on the airline because it is also a risk for the other travelers.
  • If the passenger gets any symptoms of covid, they are not able to fly on their flight. 

Guidelines to Travel on Thai Airways. 

When the passenger vaccination certificate does not show the date and time, it is not valid for the airlines. They must submit a valid certificate showing the correct time and date. 

  1. Passengers cannot submit their vaccination certificate when the testing method is invalid. 
  2. The difficulty is invalid if the passenger test has been done by Qualitative antigen. 
  3. The certificate is not valid if your sample collection has been done for the test. 
  4. When your test has been done through oral or throat swabs, it is also not valid for the airline. 
  5. If the test has been done correctly, passengers can fly on the airlines. 
  6. When you do the check-in, you must wear a mask, which is mandatory for all travelers. 
  7. If you are a past covid patient and have a flight from Thai airways, you must provide recovery proof. 
  8. The airline does not require a PCR test or a vaccination certificate if the passenger travels with an infant or a child between 2-3 years. 
  9.  If you a fully vaccinated after 1 June 2022, you have to provide some requirements of the airline: 

A valid passport and border pass for arrivals via border checkpoints. 

Insurance policy with the coverage and a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination. 

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